Easter deluxe flyer

The artworks are fully 3D with Blender3D as you can see in the preview.
I messed up my blendfile baroque border because i overwrite it with the basic one.
I try to upload it and maybe i am lucky to get it approved.

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This one of flyers much better that before, good luck :slight_smile: congrats!!!

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Thank you, so let this be a valueble lesson that you can create great artworks when you put love, time and attention into your design and create your own elements.
Don’t be satisfied to soon.
As you can noticed in feedback to other authors my Irishluck and this easter one is mentioned by Charlie as an example to create your own artwork.

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Hard rejected so i will say goodbye to envato.
If they dont accept this kind of quality then its over for me.
This marketplace is not the right place for me i quess.

So i have 120 flyers and ‘‘sell’’ them as a freebee at a vare famous stocksite.
Goodluck all.

:frowning: sorry so much… why you cann’t make other category for example business card, etc?

Because it doesn’t matter, they want to sent customers to elements beacuse the quality is higher and they earn more money than the normal marketplace with basic oversaturated flyers - businesscards.
Thats why.
I opened my eyes and uploaded my stuff to one of the best and honest platform for all graphics with 80% profit, the only thing is that that is not a great marketplace to sell but it’s worth is.
I can;t say wich one because the name will be deleted here.

I am not a designer, it looks good but if feels to me like something is missing… just a thought…