Why my template flyer is rejected? I good make my design flyer :(

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Please help me :slight_smile:


Hi @JeriThemes, good design, but there are a lot of issues…

First off the top text is hard to see or read, you need to put a gradient behind it at the very least, (see my work, click on my icon and link).

And include realistic shadows, and work on your main header a bit more, and possibly add lighting affects.

My first design was pretty basic also, and l got 8 rejections in a row before l got a handle on it.

Just keep going and you will get the hang of it.

And l would suggest that you go and buy something similar, it will get you up to speed pretty quickly to see how someone oiganized their files, and how they did this and that.

Good luck.


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Hi, thanks for your reply, Do I can fix my flyer and resubmit graphicriver? Please help me thanks.

hi buddy well unlike what u seemed to mention in the topic of the thread , this rejection is nothing but logical to say the least. The fact of the matter is that at this stage , u still have a lot of work to do on this one before re-submitting or having it potentially approved … . U have to think about the fact that a composition is about assembling different kind of elements in a rather logical way and most importantly again in a realistic way , it must not look like that u have stuck all things one after the other. u need to generate a cohesion / homogeneity indeed. At the moment , u have some element more or less chosen (depending on what we are considering) out two on two together but we just cannot “buy it” that someone kind of took a picture and that we could get just that …

The first thing for you to do is to try to make the thing realistic in a way and this is no doubt about it starting with dropping shadows. Just think about it , right now, u have a coconut on the sand and no shadow … do u believe that u would see this in the “real world” ? indeed no and either your eyes and brain are trying to find the logical part this is how it does not work. Your tree does have no shadow either , etc etc

after that the time date and time of the party are almost invisible due to the things that are under , so u need to either find a solution to make them out , like adding edge to the texts, or need to make sure that u can fade away the background in the parts so that the texts are readable

all your typos are also very plain and here this is very difficult to get anything accepted unless u have good and complex typos and typo combinations

still about texts and typos, indeed , your footer is too “extended” there are too many spaces and too irregular spaces between texts and especially if u turn out to compare the two different lines of the footer which have nothing all to do with one another which is not that cool visually. The problem is also that u “forced” the alignment of the text so that it looks like a well aligned paragraph thus creating unbalance in this case

i think that there is also something about the concept buddy. In fact that what u have done looks like a counter in the middle of the beach but if u wanted to do something like this , doing kind of a Tiki thing would have been much more efficient , because right now the concept looks flat , as if only u made it half way and apart from not being convinvig enough visually this is also difficult to imagine a club, bar or whatever using such a place to sell their cocktails or whatever … most of the tine people are more likely to make customers believe that they are in tropical paradise rather than in an itinerant small seller shop if u wish … choosing elements well so that they look good and make sense is also part of the issue actually

hi Shane, well i do agree with u on almost all what u said , all were good pieces of advice indeed , now , i f u allow me just to say that light effects are trendy and everything but they are not compulsory all the same , it looks like that some guys can sometimes make it here just by putting a lot of them everywhere until the whole thing is empty all the way but we have light effects , which is not any better , i believe that at tis stage @Jerithemes should start with concentrating on other issues and finally try to give his works a cooler aspect by using some adjustment layers and light effects. U are also right buying an item of something similar might be a way to analyze techniques and so on , but i also believe that he should try top spend quite sone time trying to see many creations that have already been accepted and try to analyze what guys did well and why it worked and make the most of it to get to know what he should do with this future works too

Amm, well Nico, @n2n44, pretty much said it, you need to study similar work, learn from it and try again, or take some of the elements form this and try again. Maybe stay with this and update it? The third option is risky although some have done it, since Envato aren’t crazy about resubmitting virtually the same flyer again.

You have so much work to do on this, l would personally ditch it, and try something easier. Getting a flyer in with sales is a strong motivating factor,

I did a beachy sign, with a toucan bird up top, and shells, etc on the beach, but the shadows, didn’t look realistic, and l tried several times, and gave up on that one in the end.

It costs me almost $50 to buy all of the elements for that one, so it was a bit of a blow.

I would recommend doing something along the lines of no model, and large lettering in front of some nice background.

Much easier to do, and a much higher chance of success.

True, Nico, l threw it in there as l thought that it might help?

And l also mentioned the purchase idea, as he seems to be at the “don’t know what to do and how to do it stage” l was there once, as we all where, and the fear of not knowing if the files are organized the way they want, and all of the layers, styles need to have the same numbers for colors, etc.doesn’t help.

I bought one at this stage, and it was a great help, to know how to organize everything, so at least the odd’s where more in my favour than before the purchase.


well Shane indeed , i will go to a little bit further personally, he does not only need to study something similar but all he can analyze from other guys works , this will be a good base to develop skills indeed

i also do not recommend the re-upload without making major changes as this is against rules here and even if some guys had nothing but a good news out of doing so , indeed this is also hard to get to know what people can do, we see a lot of discrepancies between people doing the same things so lets say that this is risky and this is not in his interest do do just that anyway … beginners or newcomers should not try to take any short cut because things will not be dealt with in depth and they will be able to expect no better day in the end , which is sad to think about … getting to the next level is always a smart move in a place where there are more and more guys and items and in which in time things will be more and more difficult to get through …

as for ditching,m i am not sure that this is the best idea indeed as it basically means that he will love the time invested and that in addition he will start a new project with basically the same kind of process to understand and will thus probably will re-iterate the same mistakes so to speak

if u ask me investing this much money in elements makes no sense at all as, even if u get the item approved, that this is selling a bit, u will need a very huge time to really earn something , u will have to refund first and that basically means that with such a concurrential place at envato at this timer that u cannot get any money at all out of your work …

choosing with or without model is much of issues and all have pros and cons , it mainly depends on what people are expecting for but this is true that statistically speaking things without models are slightly easier to sell , on the other hand , to make sure that such a statement is true , this would be worth the drive analyzing the “target” in other words who u are planning to see your items to lol. i also see one major problem with the advice that u gave him, which is wise all the same, this is that some guys are already on the way and get a good deal of sales in this “category”

if u ask me Shane , indeed , sometimes , when we are in doubt we are asking to many questions to ourselves and we should simply go back to the basics, that is is to say trying to develop skills, spend much time on working on an item and normally the result is in keeping with that , thus satisfying … . if u ask me , people are making too much of a big deal about organization , i will dare say that according to me there aren’t these many rejections linked to this , this is more often a matte of global level, a quality of item thing and more specifically a typo matter …

the big thing is that newcomer as we mentioned on many occasions should not believe that this is a get rich quick place and that they are going to burn the roof right from the start , when they have to pay their dues, work hard, build a strong portfolio upload often quality items and so on so that they ultimately get noticed … now u are obviously right Shane, buying an item and other small things like that are a good helper sometimes or in the worst case it does not hurt …

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True Nico @n2n44, But the first one l got through was the graphic lettering in front of the wave design.

No, shadows, and no model.

Maybe l got lucky, as it seems to be a tough design to replicate, (l tried several times after that) but it was also a relatively easy one to do, and cheap.

I tend to sell more model less, ones with a different design, as models with elements around it, are a dime a dozen.

This is true here and elsewhere, so it might be a good way to go for newbies?

But as you have said, it will still take time and hard work, to build up speed.


Hi to @n2n44 and @tmcom:

I think that my designs are too basics and not accepted my sell, I try make more effects, texts, shadows, etc etc as other flyer for accepted my sell but before of submit my design I upload my forum better. :sunny: :palm_tree:

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I think your help file being problem. Because i rarely have problem with my help file