I need help me fix some flyer?



Hi to all:

I think that my design is basic for so rejected my other flyers as 5 flyers than I need help me fix my flyer one before submit my flyer demo (I add my image preview below) for accepted my sell :slight_smile:


I hope that help me :wink:



Please help me :frowning:


Nothing help me? :frowning:


hi well for me they do accept really flatter and poorer thing sometimes and i know what i nam talking about as not only i belong to the flyer category mainly but also because i see a whole lot of items daily … however the thing far from being “optimized” for that matter and indeed there are a good variety fo things that can be really embettered and that can take your item to the next level.

First of all the combination of typos is not working this well at this time on te central text. the combined effect of the positioning, the effect and the choice of fonts that u had make the thing look kind of a bit “unfinished business”. I would recommend that u rather use a banner like lors of guys do and that would help u to fix the second thing that is troublesome about what u have done, as the central composition is kind of stopping abruptly and that makes us feel like that we can’t “buy it” (which means that this is not looking realistic enough in a way …)

i also think that dropping some shadows is a good thing and it helps for things to look more realistic and to add sone depth into your flyer and composition , however this is not well executed enough at this time on the central text and that it all hurts the general feeling that people have about your work , which is a pity. U did not do it , but dropping some shadow under the date would help to have ti springing out a little bit more and this is something that your potential buyer may expect for as this is still some important information for their potential customers to use …

Maybe u also need to bring a bit more work to the table when it comes to the background and the composition, for this , this is hard to know as it depends on what people are looking for but i think it would help u to get approved , according to me … u have a harmonious style and so on this far but let’s face it, u are a bit in between two styles that are either very minimalistic and the other one is a very elaborated work with a complex composition of elements and a big work being done …

also try not to neglect the way u organize element and what u use , the eggs are kind of a big flat (and maybe they they could be positioned a better way?) up to u determine just this , an important thing about compositions is to use good taste to make some visually attractive indeed …

lastly adding some smooth shadows inside the composition itself will hep u to have once again more depth in your document and for it to look more realistic and visually attractive

at this time, u have a nice and interesting base to work with , it belong to u to take all this to the next level by doing as good as u can with the things that i mentioned :slight_smile:



Thanks for your help me :slight_smile:

I make new flyer.


no buddy no need to make a new one, u can give this one a bit more work , fix what u need to fix and give it another try …


Ok than I not make new flyer. :slight_smile: thankssss


Hy there.
Your artwork is too flat, too basic. Try some new colors. Something more spring-ish. Change the palm trees or leaves whatever you have there, with some nice looking flowers. Add some butterflies, or a lady-bug. Add some more easter eggs.
Personal I prefer either Sping flyer / Easter flyer. Not botch combined. Your choice

As for the text, try some new fonts.
The bottom text area needs imporvement too. Way too standard. Either remove the orange frame and leave white text over the background, or add some cool frame. Maybe wooden.



Thanksssssss I fix some my flyer and upload :slight_smile:


If you want, post it here as well.


Please help me, What color background my flyer I can add?


You can make a radial gradient background using some blue and yellow or brown. You can add some skies and clouds


Thanksssssss, I try it.


well in other words he has to change absolutely everything , if this is to do something completely new, restart all from scratch , then no need to come and ask here in a way … i guess that one of his goals is to save part of his design and have something approved …


Not exactly. I offered him some piece of advice. It’s his decision what to do next. He asked here for help and i offered some ideas as how I will do. Of course it will be different from others. That’s how I would do it. You don’t have to comment my response. Just help the guy out.


i thought that we were here to discuss and if u think that what u said is legitimate, same goes for me …


I happy approvech my sell flyer :smiley: I understand because was rejected my other flyer,

Closed my forums :slight_smile:


I forget says that thanks to all for help me :wink:


this is the most important thing ion the end buddy , happy for u :slight_smile: