Hope the flyers will approved now

After 35 rejected flyers in a row I wanted to quit graphic design cause it frustrates me.
I decided to ask personal help from some authors and they are give me some good tips and advices.
I got some very useful font links and say that I must follow the font trends because my artworks are very good.
I’ve never follow this trends before cause I thought that I knew everything, so finally I know the main reason for my rejections.
Hope it will inpires other authors for not giving up.
Just do some research.
Here are examples of following the font trends.
There are in the review queue so hope it works.
Special thanks to Studiorgb and N2n44 for your help.



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I love your flyers :slight_smile: but error typography (I think)

hi buddy, u should choose to post one by one so that this is easier to get into deeper details indeed. Anyway, here is what i have to say about your diverse items …

into the jungle
do not get me wrong pls, i globally like it but i think that u need to fix different kinds of things so that your item gets to the next level

1- typo
well this is globally too flat if u ask me … apart from the title that turns out to have some sort of relief , otherwise, this is globally clean but flat and classical and it would be welcome if u could bring some creativity touches in the choice of the fonts and the way to combine them. Besides, to another extent, i think that this is too bad that u did not play a bit more with the title … like hiding a small part of the j and e behind the trees for instance

2- contrast
well the bottom line is that some text fail either to pop out enough are way too close color wise from the color of the background under. Besides, this is not a purely good idea to put text on top of some full opacity content indeed , which takes me to the point3

3- readability
this is major problem that u have here as this is not necessarily super easy to solve according to the creative choices that u have made … some texts definitely are hard to “value” in such a context where u are writing the content of full opacity graphic elements … , which in the end prevent people from reading properly what is written … in the end , what is the point of having a text if the concerned text is hardly readable or definitely impossible to read?
this issue of readability is also a bit in the header as the font u used for such a text that u determined as secondary makes it more difficult to read also

4- shadowing
in many case, some shadows are lacking so that the thing looks more realistic, more worked out again and is making way more sense again in terms of composition. Some times shadows are here but they also turn out to be too massive and look rather not realistic than any other thing which is too bad, as there is a negative impact on the feeling that is resulting from it

5- hierarchy
it seems to me that things such as the date are part of the most important pieces of information for an event and here this is treated a bit like a really secondary piece of info

6- flagging
this is not really shocking but the thing is that this is a littlest strange to have only the title being exclusively flagged on the left when all the other text things are in the middle …

summer valley
well i guess that more or less commented on this one a bit easier on but the fact of the matter is that u have a cool composition and that u ruined it a bit because of sideway elements so to speak … here is what i have to say for this one as regard to the problem that i can identify

1- typo
u may not have chosen too much of a classical font for the main title but to be honest i tend to believe that u could have found something better when it comes to not only matching with the composition , but also to make sure that words are imbricating and value each other so to speak … at this stage the two parts are looking like fighting each other in a way and i think that the thing is getting “worse” due to what i will deal with in point 2 …

2- main title highlight
i have seen that u found a way to make to the main title pop out more from the background but the fact of the matter is that u sort of stopped in the middle of the way . If i were u , i would simply add a shadow under the yellow part to make the title be more emphasized and i would also probably add some decoration in the inside so that the text style looks more outstanding and that this is ultimately selling the text much much more

3- coherence and hierarchy
well the fact of the matters that this is a party flyer that u have here and i guess u can easily identify that a club owner, thus your potential "target " will be likely to expect to promote his place , not only the “special event” , so it takes u , in my view to make the club pop out more … this maybe interesting to promote “the best dns in town” but on the other hand, if u are the potential buyer, i guess u would prefer this part to be dedicated to selling your place / club , in an attempt to do some branding so to speak …

4- finition
i would recommend to add a small motion blur to the planes on the right as they are supposed to
be on the move and , at the moment , this looks rather incoherent to have the winged element being using a motion blur on the top left corner and that the planes do have the same
i would also , even if this is just a detail, make th bubble look brighter , more transparent and move somewhere where this can noticed more and most importantly no bringing some “eye pollution” when it comes to emphasizing the text indeed

5- contrast
in my opinion , even if this is ok like this, u should increase slightly the contrast between the text color and the bullet right under it …

6- positioning of the header and footer
i am not sure that a square version here is the most coherent choice … as u are definitely having problem with “live on stage” being very hard to read and u have more or less disconnected the first par and the second part of the footer. Same goes with the header … this is too close from te composition and this make it not super easy to read and this is also looking sort of “crammed” to have the header and the composition being so close to each other

summer one
well i really like the originality that u have brought to the table in the central composition , but , let’s face it, there are some things that u really really really have to fix on this one …

1- main Title
well , look the title “summer” only makes not sense at this stage choose “summer party” or “summer night” or whatever , this will be way better and it will offer u an opportunity to bring some more typo oriented work to the table and make it sort of more lively … i am also not sure that the orange color stroke is the bets idea, maybe giving a try to change the color to something a bit more in keeping with the rest would help to generate more harmony again , u have to figure this out by trying, maybe yes, maybe not … LOL

2- coherence
i see a bit of a disconnection between the very green composition and the item in the very center of it being related to swimming … , introducing something that refers to pool would be a good addition, i do not know, maybe splashes or things like this …

3- color choices
i am sorry to say just this but u have been breaking the harmony gamely out of bringing colors like the black one out of the blue which are not coherent in any way with the theme, the rest of used colors , the global atmosphere u have been generating and so on …

4- text positioning
to be honest it seems to be that all needs to be redone about it … the header text is too close from the composition and this is the other way around when it comes to the footer which appears disconnected form the rest , definitely in the right spacing …

5- hierarchy
think about the text u really want to emphasize and change size, colors and so on according to your objectives

6- typo
make sure that fantasy and originality is most importantly reserved to the title as this is prevailing and no matter what is the font u will use it will be more easily readable due to the size of it … when u use the font u have used for dj names, the bottom line is that this is not super readable and it does not look like a footer in the end …

7- shadowing
make sure to drop the appropriate shadows where they belong so that everything is as realistic as it may get (in particular under the flamingo by the way)

8- blur
introducing blur is a good idea but u did such a very slight one that the things is not really being realistic in the end … like for the bal in the bottom right corner, the motion should be way bigger indeed …

9- finition
as for me to be honest , the rainbow is ruining your design more than any other thing, i would take it out , i think … this way u could potentially increase slightly the central composition and make it even more outstanding

coffee company
well how can i say … the initial idea and the harmony are interesting here but u really are having many things to do so that the flyer looks sort of “irreproachable” …

1- spacing
there is definitely something not working in the way u tried to imbricate the header elements …
the coffee company works well but the grand opening not at all due to the way this is placed . at the moment it looks disconnected, i guess that the typo does not help but this is partly a different issue … see point2

2- typo
well i do not know if u are a self taught graphic designer or not but the thing is that this is really really difficult to match very squared fonts like the one u have chosen for part of the header / main title with very rounded one like the one u have for the prominent part of the title …there is “disharmony” resulting from this “unlikely pairing”

3- contrast
do not get me wrong this is not bad about it but this could be really way better again, simply by dropping some shadows under the main title texts … it would help to make the concerned text pop out and be more outstanding indeed (besides same goes with the footer also , to a certain extent …) this is sort of contrast issue u also have it with the bullet , your buller is globally harmonious and pleasant looking but hardly pops out from the background and this is having an impact on the hierarchy

4- hierarchy
this is a small hierarchy issue but as i evoked, indeed,d if u create a bullet and put some text inside, u want it to get noticed , to pop out, to attract people and thsu u need to do what it takes so that this is felt graphically speaking, too …

5- misbalance
look, the footer is globally more “crammed” than the header and what is resulting from this is that there is a lack of breathing for the lower section of the document …

6- decoration
i believe that u shouldering some life to both the title and the bullet at the bottom of the flyer … give some effect, some relief, make it get way more lively with some layer text or some hand made effects, it depends on u but pls do not keep it this very simple and flat

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@n2n44 Wow! What a long reply! You should open a school :slight_smile:


wowwwwwwww… why you don’t make a school online? hahahahahaha :slight_smile:

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i am considering having online youtube videos for this LMAO :slight_smile:

What your nick youtube? @n2n44

Thank you very much for the feedback, I will change them and work harder.


i do not have any yet lol but indeed i am thinking about it …

u have cool bases for all of you works, this is not that u really need to worker harder indeed, but that u need to keep some things in mind when u create or finalize your items … if u have enough clues to get to know how to improve your designs, pls check the “solution” box , good work and good luck for the resubmissions :slight_smile:

With all the changes I made this 4 flyers been hard rejected again.
My motivation is gone.
I decided to close my account, im done with Envato and the reviewing system.

Thank you for all kind of help.

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You can send a message private for @n2n44 for he will help you best your flyer because I also am learning more my flyers for approved graphicriver.

Good Luck.


Thnx JeriTeam but my motivation is whole gone to upload my items again on Envato.
The only thing they can do is reject your work after hours of desinging without a good reason.
On other market places they have a better and no frustrating review process and the last days the same flyers been approved there.
So Goodbye Envato.

Good luck everyone.,
Greatings Flyerlab2019

hi buddy , this is sad that u feel this way … i know that rejections sound harsh , they are hurting and the are felt as unfair and frustrating sometimes as they are hurting our pride but though i showed u that there are possible ways to improve all your items , so u may consider them, too , i mean this is not like your works were flawless all the same … there are rather nice , yes but there are more and more guys in town, more anymore submissions, an existing catalogue of items and all is responsible , rightfully so , for some rejections also due to raising standards …


Sorry for i say you that you flyer too similar other flyer (remove item from other author)

[link removed]

For so was hard rejected but you need create new flyer creative but don’t copy and similar other flyer.


That was my old account.
I must delete my portfolio and account for private reasons.
So I didn’t steal anything.

keep going buddy , just keep on fighting and submit your rejected things to another website , period :slight_smile:

I think I know the main reason for rejected.
The rejection flyers are still visible on my old account Royalflush2014 wich I have to close for
private reasons i think 15 months ago.
Now I upload all that flyers again with better typo ( they were all approved on my old account , got over 120 flyers and about 630 sales ).
So the reviewers and other authors think I copied other peoples work but that isn’t true.

I will sell my old flyers on other market places and make new ones for Graphicriver.

Thanks Jeri Team for open my eyes.

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lol u believe that they would check this ? lol i can tell u what a guy did … he downloaded my item, changed 2 small details and posted my item as his and he got approved … and the thing was approved not even a month after … so for things that used to be approved 15 or 18 months ago, i am pretty sure that there is simply no link … just in case u did not get it yet, standards keep on raising and reviewers reject more and more all the time , so they may reject what they approved in the past …

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