The author never respond, who at Envato can I contact and where?

I have an issue regarding my license, I changed domain name into a new one and ran into license issues. The author sells plugins – a lot – but never respond. I’ve tried to get in touch with them, sent emails, also given them a login and password to help my problem with their license. But nothing. There are others complaining too re their after sales and customer support.

Authors that never answer their customers, only interested in selling items can damage Envato as a brand. Since the customers start thinking ”Oh Envato, they have only dishonest authors, never by from there…”

As a customer we need someone to contact when an author is dishonest. This author I am writing about is only interested in selling as much as possible, only answer the ones writing good stuff. All of us who have problems with their plugin = they never answer or help the customer.

Someone at Envato is very much welcome to contact me and I’ll give the name of the author.

Hi @Krattarina! We’re all sorry to hear that your experience has been less than stellar. So long as the new domain is for the same website (i.e. you’re simply rebranding) then you are certainly entitled to get the license working again. If you don’t mind, please send in a Help ticket and include all the details there.

Hi Herbert,

Thanks for your fast reply.

I have bought two licenses from BD Themes, one is bought via Envato, the other is bought via their website.
The issue is that they don’t answer their customers anywhere. They only answer the nice reviews in their profile at Envato. Everyone else is completely ignored. The same thing is via their own support site where I sent the issue I have.

The license I have a problem with is bought from their own website, I chosed lifetime support and paid extra for it. They don’t even have the feature to deactivate and activate the license by my own. So I’m forced to contact them but they don’t answer.

Now, when they don’t help their customers at Envato or on their own website, this can affect Envato at the end. Your customers can start thinking ”Oh Envato… Well, they have a bunch of scammers, don’t buy anything at Envatos website” and then the authors disappear since they don’t sell so much anymore. And by that Envato is affected.

I have checked BD Themes website, once in a while they have discounts. Only problem for them is that their discount prices is much higher than the regular price! That’s their problem. I did contact them about that but they haven’t even read my message on Messenger where they want people to contact them. Through Wordpress they have a link where one can contact their support if problem occur. Still no one answer, I have tried that way too.

At Envato they only answer people who has written good reviews in their profile. The rest is ignored completely.

Can Envato contact them and ask them to take care of their customers, like answer people who have some problems with the plugin…?

Thank you for contacting me and fast respond.
I do hope they answer but… I doubt.

Kind regards,

Katarina (Krattarina)

Assuming you’re talking about their Beauty Salon theme (which is the only item left in their portfolio) then I would not expect any movement here, for a few different reasons:

The item itself hasn’t made any new sales in at least two years, so the expectation that the author will return and will spend time supporting it without income is unrealistic. This is the reason Envato has never offered or catered to these “lifetime support” commitments – they don’t work in the freelancer world.

The item is also marked as “not supported” on ThemeForest, and has been that way for at least a few years. This means it is impossible for you to have an active support period on Envato’s platform, so they will be unable to assist with any support-related issues you are encountering.

I understand that you did at some point pay extra for a “lifetime support” option. However, that was a transaction directly between you and the author, so you effectively removed Envato as the middleman and forwent their guarantees, terms, and protections.

Furthermore, Envato won’t be able to assist with the license that you bought from the author’s website. However, if you’re having trouble activating the license that you purchased on ThemeForest, and if the theme is still available for sale on the platform, definitely open a Help ticket for assistance with that:

Sorry, did I forget to mention it’s their plugin named Element Pack.
Okey, so they’re probably moving off from Envato and focusing to turn all customers into their website.

Thank you for your time, I do have 1 month left of support at Envato for the plugin I bought at Envato. They had a good offer by the time I bought a second licens (I have two websites) directly from BD Themes and ticket lifetime.

But they still don’t answer the customers who have bought the plug in from Envato. :-/

Kind regards,

Katarina (Krattarina)

No worries, Katarina. If you still have a month remaining on your support period, and you’re unable to get support, then definitely reach out to Envato Support and they’ll be able to advise on next steps.