Testing Quality Team of Graphicriver! - Disappointed

Hi everyone, I have submitted around 20 Flyers in Graphicriver during this pandemic period. Anyway, in attachment you will find my 5 flyers which are rejected, while 2 of them are approved. I am waiting for others flyers, but I am pretty sure they will be rejected.

Why I am writing this ? Do I need feedbacks? I always need feedbacks for my work, but this thread is more for something else. To share a concern for reviewers of Envato quality team.

These 2 flyers that are approved, are just edited flyers from my old flyers already approved on graphicriver (3 year ago), so basically I just changed fonts and beach wallpaper, nothing else and they are approved. Size is in 4x6 inches, which means is smaller than A5, and text should be bigger, and not how it is now, but as I said, I wanted just to test Quality team. But unfortunately, instead of focusing in trend style, typography, quality of print etc, they are focusing more in ‘flares, lights, and some other elements which are 2017-2019 trends’. I actually think that these 2 flyers that are approved now, should not be approved, because there are a lot of flyer like this in graphicriver library.

Regarding to these 5 Flyers that are rejected, I think they should be approved, because in terms of style they are unique, text is not too small if someone will print. It have less flyers like this in graphicriver library, and beside all, based on a LOT research on instagram, dribbble and pinterest, these type of flyers will be trend this year and in the next few years. But unfortunately, these flyers that are rejected, don’t have flares, lights and other ugly stuff (that reviewers team wants to have) and have less layers, and ‘maybe’ quality team think that I have not worked so hard in this flyer, or who knows…

Very disappointed with Envato quality team. These rejected flyers are already selling pretty well in some other marketplaces and in my personal site and I am super happy that I have not removed them since I submitted in graphicriver!


hi buddy , am sorry to tell u just this , but these things that u are mentioning are not going to lead u anywhere but having potential additional trouble and i guess this is not what u are looking for. No system is perfect and the fact of the matter is that u will always find flaws but here they do not want to fix them, so u are basically wasting your time, period. It’s better for u to move on and try to take your game to the next level and make sure that flaws or not, your items cannot be rejected in any way, which is not what happens right now. This is a very friendly piece of advice and i hope that u identify it this way. As for what u mentioned about quality, i tend to believe that they are all a bit the same in terns of quality , just styles differ. All what u have created here could be improved and as regard to some of the mistakes all of them could have rejected if followed criterias were about basic design principles … i will further explain beneath.
I would like though to start saying that i really do not feel the same as u do in terms of originality … i think that only one is really creative , the club music concert , all the other ones look like things that i have seen from other guys. I can give u names in private so that u can check by yourself if u do not believe me. Anyway, all this is not really the point , here is what u can do to improve things that u have created. Pls take this a constructive collection of advice or recommendation because they are just this. So here is what i feel. I may tell u things without getting into too many details for the things that are true from one to the other and that i would have thus already evoked, ok?

summer tropic
u have a very important issue of contrast , contrast is a major basic design principle and this alone could justify the rejection of your item as this is something that i far from being a small deal. This is leading u into deeper trouble in a snowball effect. Not only are some text barely readable - and thus u do not see what is the point to have them - but this gets even worse , when it comes to titles which is making u break the hierarchy of information , in addition to the reading problems. Texts placed next to the margin as if they were legal mentions are unreadable , inefficient and to further comment what was the original message , i do not manage to figure out how can review teams can accept texts are are badly placed likely , unreadable because of their positioning , being misleading about the content (this should be for legal mentions , like “do not throw in the street” and other stuffs like this) and having no efficiency whatsoever.
the shape behind the model looks strange, as if u had a poster behind the model and this makes little sense, but after all , i guess that not all things have to be justified, there is part of art in what we do …
the date is super strange to say the least and as such the month and time look disconnected , not to mention that hard to understand this black color which is coming out of the blue and not being used anywhere else in the flyer. Besides , this color is not even in the central part and this breaks the harmony of what u have done …
hard to identify what is the logics behind the organization of texts, there are some spread everywhere on the canvas and the flagging once in the center , once on the right cannot look understandable in my view
the typo is very important here and expectations are high, what u have at this stage is not reaching the standard if u ask me as font combinations are not really working, the main title differs much from the rest and i see no guideline in this , since no repetition anywhere else … “with me” i do not know what it stand for and the font is too thin to match with te rest and almost invisible , su unreadable …
u should drop smooth shadows behind the model so that the thing looks more integrated and the whole flyer looks more like a whole …

tropical summer
much of what is to say as regard to the typo has been said for the previous one , too … but in this case, u have added some more mistakes by bringing this cut and not aligned mixed additional left flagging that makes the central title misbalanced and far from clean and aesthetics, too. U are now violating a second basic design principle, in addition of the contrast thing
the disposition of texts is far from perfect as mentioned for the first flyer but here , in addition, u have some texts too close from the edge , which basically kills the breathing
once again u have a disconnection to colors that breaks the global harmony and is not in keeping with the overall atmosphere of the flyer
one again the smooth shadow behind the model is missing
this time , there is also an issue of misbalance in the document as the right mid section part is quite empty compared to the rest which is way more crammed indeed

beach sound
much so say about this one …
the main title being cut maybe original but makes very little sense … the positioning of the title is not an appropriate one and leaves a very strange free space between it and the model
the model looks like a tourist rather than any other thing and is, according to me not the best choice, especially as regard to the great models that dome guys are using for items of the same style … by the way that would have been way better to drop once again shadows under, smooth ones so that the model integrates more and the composition looks more realistic and natural indeed
one again the black color seem coming out of nowhere and areas the harmony rather than any other thing
the red palm trees are not necessarily looking super good and are not matching with the rest of what u have
the text crossing the model is not a good idea neither in terms of aesthetic nor readability
one again u have some texts a bit too close from the margin and in this flyer too, u have a discrepancy between the different areas, some are very crammed and so way more empty , which kills the balance that u may have had otherwise
u also have an issue of hierarchy of information as right now, the featuring is prevailing over the beach sound, when it should rather be the other way around or at least both should be at the same level , not to mention that for me "tropical party is too small and looks secondary when this is impulsing the style of the event …
once again the date is lost in the mid of nowhere and is strangely arranged

club music
for me this is by far the best of these 7 ones … u definitely have an issue about the way elements are being placed but at least this is way more original , u managed to establish sort of an atmosphere and the typo part - let alone the positioning of text - is good in myopinon … the thing is that there are though a collection of small things to potentially improve and that , put 2 on 2 together can make a difference in the end … most of the texts are being positioned too close from margins, and this is “killing the breating” , the date looks a bit small in my view as this is part of the information that people are definitely to get to know and thus need to notice, same goes with the club name by the way as , look, in terms of branding and advertising, what do u think that your potential customer is looking for? well , promoting his party , first of course and promoting the club, too , sometimes , even equally by the way … i believe that u should mode the main title a bit more on the left and possible a down too … the green element (sort dotted triangle) and the club name should be pushed on the right and the while footer should be pushed up
this is also hard to identify what is the logics being what u have created … u have texts flagged on the right, center and left … when u are expected to show some coherence and here this is not clear which one this is indeed lol

tropic party
i like this one too but honestly the global style is not overly original to say the least … the style keeps rather minimalistic and the fact of the matter is that this is decreasing the commercial potential of your item somewhat … for me the biggest issue with , all the same, turns out to be the violation of the contrast basic design priciniple … most of the texts are rather hard to read, including some that u kind of turned secondary without i can identify why … , like “summer edition”
i am not sure that having texts like this a bit everywhere is the best … but at least u could make something harmonious out of it , though, let’s face it, u are expected a perfect execution and this is not what happens yet … the space between side margin and botton and up margins being differing
i would recommend turning all the text into black color to avoid a strange “mixture” and to bring harmony and readability to the table
there is a lack of imbrication in my view between “tropic party and sunny day” , certainly due to the positioning of titles

as u could see, thus, this does not mean that your work were definitely far from standards but they are not irreproachable either and maybe these things that i told , especially put 2 on 2 together may explain choices, not to mention that some guys are already producing these exact same type of items and overflow the market …

i hope all this could help u anyway :slight_smile:


First, thank you so much for taking time to reply in such a details, I appreciate it. I really did not tried to copy anyone from envato nor somewhere else exepct that I wanted to make clean flyers somehow like madebystudiojq (see his instagram), because to this person I have took inspiration for some gradients colours, love his style, but maybe is a coincidence and I have similar item with someone else here , not sure…

Regarding to feedbacks, as I said before, I agree that I always need feedbacks, and everything can be improved, even approved flyers from all authors, but if we compare rejected flyers with approved flyers, we see a huge difference, and based in ‘my experience’, to be easy approved in graphicriver, we need to put more flares, stars etc… again: it’s only my experience so far. And yes, I wasted my time in this thread just like you wasted your time, but at least is worth for someone else which will read right ? And regarding to originally, I also don’t want to mention others author but I am sure you have seen a lot approved items which looks 90% the same even from the same author, so I don’t think this is the only reason to me.

I apprecite your polite response, but I just shared my experience, and I though that maybe some authors will agree that not every flyer should have these flares, geometric lines and a lot layers. Sometimes minimalist & clean is what buyers wants. And no, infos (typography) is not at the very corner of flyer, they all have bleed and print safety trim mask. Maybe I presented here in wrong mask, but they all are aligned as a original design. :grinning:

Thanks so much @n2n44 and I really appreciate your feedbacks, they mean a lot to me.

Have a good day,

hi buddy i did not mean that u tried to do it, but let’s face it , if go in certain styles, this will be hard for u not to create something that is having a real likelihood with what someone else has already done … this is what i meant … also having in mind that the concerned guys are quite lavish creators and have created tons of items in this style, so that, no matter what, as u come after the, this will be hard for u to bring something really 100% unique in the concerned style

well i do not know who is the concerned guy that u refer to but what i can tell u is that no need to go this far , u have guys creating these sorts of flyers here lol now i understand what u try to explain about maybe liking the style of the named guy and also feeling like creating something a bit in the same style, we all more have less have some influence from somewhere , i assume …

what u have to figure out is that no one but the reviewer can actually really say why your item was binned and this is only clues that other guys can give , but that reviewers have their reasons … what u seem to indicate is that there would be some sort of a “recipe” for flyers to be accepted lol well if so many of us would like to know about it indeed … the fact of the matter is that this is a fantasy indeed

well if u consider that i wasted my time in answering here this is sad but as for me i do not feel this way … i have tried to help someone and for me , as this place is not a competition one, i try to act coherently and accordingly …

now u make a substantial mistake buddy … minimalistic style is not what people want … this is what they re taught to like and there is a reason for this, this is because if the thing becomes “the standard” , it will be easy to replace us with automated systems … besides, ask yourself a simple question … between a complex item requiring skills that u may not have and another one with almost no element, no particular technique and so on , which one would , according to u, be the most money worth / the one worth buying indeed?! for me the choice is crystal clear and i guess that if u answer the opposit, this is just a biased answer … now, i tell just like i see it, many guys indulge into these styles , they surf on the thing and try to monetize it without making too many efforts, regardless of what happens on the long run but guys should wander what they really want and if they really love this job or not or if this is fine for them to get the money and to lose their job on the longer run out of bringing no additional value (creativity and special skills and knowledge) …

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I don’t know if my english is poor or you are missing my point because my conecrn is not to give ‘recipe’ nor crying why my items are not approved because 99% the same of these flyers are already somewhere else for sale which are selling fine. I just shared a concern that is strange why 2018-2017 flyers style are easy to be approved while these minimalist gradient styles are not (even that these looks to be more trendy these years). It looks like we are not in the same road in this conversation but again thanks million for your reply, each feedbacks from your end will be memorized to me and I try to improve :slight_smile:

lol yes we are on the same road but maybe u failed to understand what i said … maybe u cannot figure this out but there are tons of the "great minimalistic " things of today … some are experts of this style and have hundreds and hundreds of this … so what do u think happens , in this case?! they are way likely to accept more … as multiplying so many of them is not that useful all the same … and once again, i repeat it, stick to minimalistic things if u wish but on the linger run this is a super pretty bad idea unless u plan to change career in a rather short run …