Tell me something about this inspirational composition

is it really that bad?
What is the problem?

Choice of sound libraries make this track feel under developed. Sadly the competition on AJ is huge and whilst your composition maybe adequate the final production with lower quality samples will go against this track. IMHO.

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Thank you, I will take this into account in the next productions

33 views, maybe someone has something to add?
I am sure it will help

Hey WIDE-VIEW, I think gballx summed it up pretty well so this isn’t really much to add. That piano sample does have some nasty high-frequency resonance, so a better piano library and a better string library would really lift this track.

Thank you. Could you recommend a string library worth your interest?

I’ve always used Native Instruments Session Strings for this kind of track, and they have just released Session Strings 2, so if you wanted a fresh sound that not many people have yet, you could go with that!

I think this rejection was due to mixing issues. The instruments do not seem to be in the same space. The piano is very ambient, suggesting a large concert hall, but then the strings are much drier, suggesting maybe a scoring studio. The strings are way too dominant in the mix.

I’d suggest using a reference track for mixing. Find a track with similar instrumentation, import it into your DAW and use it as a reference to see how your levels, reverb, EQ, etc. compare with that.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, i will check it