Team Author Dashboards - Can a Staff Member Please reply? Thanks!!

I have seen a few threads about this but never a reply from the Envato Staff…

With the launch of the new support terms we are doing our best to provide even better support to our customers. One way we plan on doing this is hiring a support staff to help answer comments on the item pages. Currently you can set users as “Team Authors” (cool). However, it’s essentially useless…they NEED to have a dashboard where they can view all the latest un-answered comments so they can respond efficiently. And since you can’t respond to comments via the Envato API then we can’t develop our own system for our staff team members to answer comments via our own app :frowning:

Would an Envato staff member please to let us know if this is something currently in the works? And a rough ETA of when it would be ready?

Thank you!

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Also when testing things out, it seems that when a Team Author answers a comment it is not removed from the main authors dashboard :frowning: - this is another important fix so that the main author can go through unanswered questions efficiently. Thanks!

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Yes. Agreed… its hard for a Team member to go through all comments.

Chances are to miss some comments.

Waiting for Envato Reply :blush:

All I want is to be able to provide quick and efficient support to my clients :cry:

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We do have plans for support tools and I will certainly let the teams know about this one. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Dang it, why 'ya gotta be all concerned about “clients”? Sheesh!
Ok, have you seen what @dtbaker put out?

@WPExplorer that looks like it ought to cover every avenue of support possible! :smiley:
It looks like it’ll work for @WPExplorer staff members as well!

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Yay can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Yes, I’ve tested the plugin out but it’s not really working well for me. I’ll need to spend some more time I guess to read through the code and see why it’s not validating my API token. But also because the Envato API doesn’t have a way to respond to comments the way the plugin works is a bit “hacky” plus not possible (from what I’ve seen without me going through and altering the plugin code) to have multiple people setup to respond to questions via different accounts.

ps: Will respond to your email as soon as I can sort things out on my end - thanks!