New feature suggestion. Author's Team Comments dashboard


I don’t know if I’m posting in the right place.

Recently I’ve been added as part of the team.

I noticed that if i want to answer all the comments that have not been replied, i have to look for them in every item of the author portfolio.

So, its possible to have them in a dashboard like the author has? that way it would be easier to the team to track the comments.

I hope that I could explain what I want, if not i’ll try again in other words if needed.


+1, authors team should see comments in their dashboard.

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It’s not that they “should” have a dashboard it’s that they HAVE to. Thank you Envato for adding the support function to the site (good stuff!), but please make it easier for us to actually provide the support :grinning:

My guess is it’s something already in the “works” it just takes some time for the Envato staff to code it all and release it.

Right now the only somewhat decent solution for Team Authors to provide support is via this plugin - Support Hub beta launched!

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hi, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll take a look at the plug-in.

are there any solutions on it? thx