Switching off the 'Beta' Author Dashboard - Item Performance tab now available in new dashboard

Hi, @Jimmy_J
I noticed the recent changes, but it’s only about new section called “Statements”
Seems new functionality that youre going to add is still coming, right?

Hi @az_studio that is correct, we’re hoping to have that above-mentioned functionality in place within the next week, sorry about the delay! Thanks for your patience.



I have Sign In | Envato Account not working

I also contacted the Help Center about this, but to no avail
I need help with this


Any news on this?

Hi @EightBallAudio yes, sorry about the delay we’ve just been doing some final tests and ensuring that we’ve got some more options/time filters for you to be able to get better real-time data on your most licensed items.

All going well, we will look to publish this feature today or early tomorrow!



Hi all!


Check it out, we’ve got the new tab in place with a deep dive on the top licensed items!

You’ve got a rank change and relative licensing too.

Thanks for your patience.

cc @EightBallAudio @AndySlatter @StudioEtude @az_studio @EvalMiko @MunjaK


@Jimmy_J, Thanks for adding more details to the Top Licensed item list, really helpful!

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Thanks excellent feature!

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It’s look Great!

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This is really great feature, well-done guys :+1:

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Thank you very much, will be testing this!

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Love you Jimmy :wink: … thanks

but wait a second, what is this Jimmy?! …please, whats the alternative? taking away another good thing …just saying…it was very useful Jimmy…how to know how much you make from day today not including calculator from 4th February please?
P.S. checking earning report was my morning routine…hmm

Hi @EvalMiko! Within the new Envato Author Dashboard, we’re working on a similar earnings overview that you can make as part of your morning ritual, not only does it have all of the same features as the Earnings Report, but we’re throwing in some extras such as latest daily earnings.

We want to make sure that this new dashboard gives you everything you need and are working hard to make it a tool that you’ll want to use every day.

Also, in the Top Earning Items table within the Envato Author Dashboard - we’re going to make that easier to look at from a calendar month perspective, like what is present in the Earnings Report today.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback when we’ve got those features live!



Thanks Jimmy, thanks a great news for Authors :slight_smile:

Hi Jimmy,

  1. Can you tell me please, what the “Trends and Insights” tab shows exactly? Is it only for Elements, or may be only for Market, or may be both for Market and Elements together?
  2. In the “Top Licensed Items” tab, is it possible to make real concrete numbers of item downloads next to the diagram columns that only show some relative values?
  3. In the “Top Earning Items” tab is it possible to make possible to choose your own time frame?

Way from … Beat Author Dashboard was superb. I can not say this for new DB. No way.

Hi @az_studio,

Trends and Insights tab is currently only for Elements, it will evolve over time to be more inclusive of Market content with perhaps a separate tab, however, today this represents Elements customer data.

For your other two questions regarding concrete numbers and custom timeframes, due to the sheer volume of data, this can cause performance issues, so we’ve been experimenting on how best to overcome this. As a priority, we are looking to represent Top Earning Items per calendar month based on feedback.


@Primus1 @az_studio @CocoTemplates @EvalMiko :wave:

We’ve added the quick overview for Elements earnings to the Envato Author Dashboard.

All the best,