Support on setting up your new theme

Where do I find the support forum for customers needing help with setting up their theme. I have started and am well into it however I want to change the wording on the image just under the header. I have looked everywhere that I can think of.
s.g. Lost in New York to something else

Ask the author of the theme (above main item preview image on TF are tabs including “support”)


I am still unable to find the support area tab. I have looked everywhere for the authors support, here is the screenshot of what I am looking at when I am logged in. I can’t seem to be able to find it. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks


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Glenda Coswello

You need to look on the specific item page on themeforest and tabs one the main image - the image above it the themeforest home page.

While that sounds like something very simple to do and which an author will guide on, bear in mind that support does not cover item set up, customisation etc. As standard

Thank you for your email. I actually only just found it, I was looking on a different page.

My question is not really a set up question, just where to find something in the theme that is not obvious. However, I will still ask the author, even they have provided lots of videos and documentation to read first though.

Thanks for getting back to me so fast.

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Glenda Coswello

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I have found the answer just by going over and over the settings on the home page. It’s not easy to understand at first but I am working my way through it now.
I don’t need customisation, just to be told where that area is.
My next issue is that PayPal doesn’t seem to be installed. I thought that would be included with the theme.
I have a PayPal account, so I guess I will have to spend the next two days working this out as well. I thought I paid for 12 months support. But I feel like everyone wants to charge me to answer a question.
Am I correct, or do I get support for 12 months on simple questions.

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Have you read the documentation?

Adjusting copy won’t be in there but it seems like something like PayPal integration (assuming it’s natively part of the theme) would be covered?