Support for to Contact to Envato Support!!

I am embarrassed to write to this forum, but I need to know how to get Envato to answer an urgent help I need with the purchase of a topic purchased through Themeforest, I have written on several sides and I do not receive an answer. There is no chat room where I can write only by mail but I can’t find a way to get an answer.

Anyone who can help me find the light? I’m sorry if this is not the method but I don’t know what to do anymore

To contact Envato please open a ticket here

Please note that item related issues should be asked to the author not Envato.

Hi Charlie I am very happy for your response but in this moment I have 4 tickets support with the same case, 2 with Envato and 2 directly with the autor theme. Sincerly I’m desperate because the only thing I have left to go out with the client is this problem, but they haven’t really answered me even to assign me a ticket number. The link that you shared with me is the link that I used por solicited help. Do you have any idea about How obtain help?

Unfortuantely, assuming that it is something which is covered by support or that envato are actually able to assit with, then the people who receive those tickets are the only people who will be able to help.

Multiple tickets tend not to help and actually slow the process down

Wow Those are bad news.

I have just purchased your software 2 days ago. It It was installed into Wordpress however, All of the element doesn’t allow me to download them in wordpress. It keeps asking me to upgrade the software.
I don’t understand I am just trying to use the software I purchase and I can’t get any answers. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and this issue continues. Please get back to me as soon as possible I need to completed my website.

This is a question to one for the author. Info on contacting them is here

Good Evening Envato,

I am contacting you regarding my Envato subscription, I haven’t been able to use the software with
my Elementor Pro. When I try to use it as an add on it prompts me to pay for the software I have already paid for.
I have spent a tremendous amount of time trying to get it to work with Elementor Pro and I don’t want my time to
elapse and you will be requiring me to pay for a for another month when I haven’t got the software to work this month.