Support for envato elements WordPress theme downloads

Hey Guys,

I was wondering about getting support for a theme I downloaded. I noticed that if you purchase wordpress themes from the main Themeforrest website, you get support. But not if you download through the envato subscription plan.

I recently downloaded a theme done by ThemeRex and was wondering what to do incase I need support in future. Anyone here encountered an issue that needed support from the theme publisher or any theme publisher? I would love to know your experience.

Thanks guys

You will need to purchase the full copy on themeforest if you need support

Thanks @charlie4282 . I think though it would be great if we could purchase support separately the same way we can extend support of ThemeForrest by topping up the purchase price.

It would be good but the issue is that then you create two marketplaces effectively offering the same thing and no one would still purchase the full licenses.

For elements to work the subscription offering needs to be clearly different

Makes sense. Ok. Thanks for your thoughts and for clearing up the issue