Support doesn't work!

I’ve contacted support several times already! They tell me that my question is under consideration, and then they close my ticket without resolving the issue! I have not received an answer or solution for more than a month! In 10 years of cooperation, I have never encountered anything like this!

@BenLeong please explain to me the reason for ignoring my letters in support. My next ticket is 3382073.

Sorry to hear that. Support is sometimes overflown with queries and might have a little delay, but in my experience they’ve always been responsive and helpful.

Perhaps you want to share what is the issue you’re having in case other fellow authors can help?

P.S.: BTW, @BenLeong , the payment this month came in just fine and in time but again it is shown in my balance as Sent by Paypal (ENVATO PTY LTD). Needless to say, no prob with that.