Audio Jungle Ate My Money!

I placed an order through my work email address, not my personal. I checked out as a guest and it prompted me to confirm an email I have yet to receive! What gives? I’ve tried resending the email about 30 times. I opened a ticket but I’m unsure I can even receive a response. :disappointed_relieved:

Can someone help me?

Did you send a support ticket tarynbz?

try this, it might take a while but you will get help.

Thanks RobertSlump, I did. They say the emails were received and my IT department says they never came through the firewall. I’m stuck. :confused:

Did you receive an e-mail back from Envato? It should have a subject line with something like “Request received”. Have you checked your spam folder?

Unfortunately, no. All I received was a PayPal receipt confirming the purchase. I had a landing page after the purchase that said to confirm the email sent with an option to resend. I resent it about 10 times but nothing showed up in my inbox or spam folder. Thanks for your response. Hopefully someone can help me out on the Customer Service end. :disappointed:

Yes, i have exactly the same issue occurred on May 16th 2019. I’m still waiting for a response from Customer Service. I feel your pain.

Hello @tarynbz. I follow Envato Help on Twitter, and they seem to be pretty responsive if you get in touch with them there. Their Twitter handle is @envato_help. Good luck!

Yeah, try to reach them there instead.

Maybe with the direct email?
good luck!

Yeah, have you tried reaching them via direct e-mail, dgpollard?

Support Recently, a very good and fast, contact them they will help you.