Confirm your email address to complete your order?!?! OK REALLY

It takes a long time to select the right music to use in a project…But it appears after that it even takes longer to get a EMAIL COMFIRMATION CODE. May PayPal account states Envanto USA Inc. has to complete the ORDER. But now this is day two and I have checked my INBOX, JUNK MAIL, CLUTTER, SPAM and no COMFIRMATION CODE to be found. I can not understand that they have not even processed my order. ALSO no way to contact them to get a resolutions. I am wondering if ARTLIST, SOUNDCLOUD, EPICSOUND, PREMIUM BEATS or any other multitude of choices can process an better than Envato. IF anyone else can fill me in on the this issue it would be great. This is a wonderful first time experience as a “CUSTOMER”.


Please open a Help ticket. They will search and see what’s blocking the email from arriving.


‘open a ticket’ why would I need to do that…I have a client in the process of selecting different sound track. This is the first time purchasing from Envato, we sat a listen and downloaded the sample to see how the selection would sound. Did all the editing and then all that was required is to replace the soundtrack with the one purchased. This should not be an issue that would require a CUSTOMER to have to go through.

Totally agree with you there. It’s definitely not something you should need to go through, and in the vast majority of cases it’s not. There must be something blocking the email from arriving and the Help Team will certainly investigate and get you up and running as quickly as they can.

I opened a ticket based on your suggestion. I will wait to see HOW LONG it takes to get resolved. I even check to ensure emails are arriving from anyone else and there no problem with my email account.
BUT……. APPARENTLY THIS IS A REGULAR ONGOING PROBLEM…based on the posts on the forum. SEE the list of posts below I could not even get them one single screen shot. I had researched many different services like Envato “AudioJungle” I “was” looking forward to using Envato. This will make an interesting VLOG review for my one channel. I am also now reading that Envato has issues with getting payment to their contributors… I hoping this get resolved quickly so I can have a good outcome for the review video…

Just wondering…
How will Envato get in contact with me regarding a solution? Hopefully not by their email service.
How long will it take?

You appear to be readily available to support the community and hopefully they will be as responsive as you are “KingDog”

Please send me the ticket number after you open it and I’ll mark it urgent. Thanks!

I extremely appreciate your assistance. I “did” get an email from Envato with the ticket number.
ticket id is 1156468
Now if I can only have my client be patient. I am trying to be at this moment waiting for a resolution.
We are presently searching other services for a different sound track while we wait.

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I’ll try my best :grin:

Can you explain why this appears to be an common issue. Enough to have so many threads regarding this issue.

I’m not sure of the details of why it happens, it may be a 3rd party error and the Help Team may know more, but it does happen pretty infrequent considering the tens of thousands of purchases every day on Market :smile:

One of the staff members, well she can be, well, is setting up her VLOG, she is livid… King Dog I will hold off the dog. LOL.
Just need this resolved quickly.

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Ok… I just received an email with instructions which I followed.
The email contained a link.
Complete and this is the result.

Just wonder…IS THIS A GOOD SIGN?? The status of my “downloads” has changed.
To this…

Also…MY PayPal account transaction is now completed.

Yes those are good signs :smile:

Ok… for anyone that read this thread… issues can be resolved. We have downloaded the files and tested them. ALL IS GOOD…(Also remember to download licenses certificates, purchase code for record keeping).

We are current selecting another sound track and will make another purchase to see if all works well without going through this trouble.
Yes…that is right trying it again.

IF Envato was able to resolve this issue in the time duration of this thread (With the submission of the service ticket during that same time frame) we should at least continue to understand that issues like this can exist. It must be be stated the staff did a fast and responsive resolution with this matter.

Hope that the conditions which may have contributed to this problem can be remedied and share to the community. Thus minimizing the occurrence whether the cause(s) are on behalf of Evanto’s technology, third-party software or logistics, and even the consumer.

Although wary, as a consumer we will consider further purchases.



In addition, a shout out to the “KingDog”… being quick to respond to this post assisted with the resolution. We may have not considered submitting a ticket. Our initial thoughts, as may have been revealed earlier in the post, was to move on.



No problem at all! I’m glad we could help and thanks so much for your patience.

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