Issue with Confirming Purchase

I just purchased Visual Composer and have not received the confirmation email. The system is asking for me to confirm my email prior to completing purchase. I have not received an email from Envato (other than the PayPal receipt). I have requested a duplicate email like 5 times and none of them have come through. Please help!

Hello. The Devs tell me that there’s a backup in emails being sent. We’ll hopefully have it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks!

Same problem after registering AND BUYING a theme. PayPal has confirmed the purchase, but no confirmation email. Requested new one from downloads page several times. Changed my email address in account settings and tried again. Nothing! Submitted a support request 24 hours ago, No Reply. My thoughts about Envato … VERY BAD!

Apparently this is a problem for more than a year, and they haven’t solved it. And they don’t even have a fast track way of dealing with complaints like ours.