I paid you 100$ and get nothing! and no official response!


I was transferred to PayPal. I paid. When I was transferred back to Envato, there is a payment error message, but the payment successfully processed at PayPal.

PayPal sent me a receipt and the funds have left my bank account, but I don’t have the product I paid for. This is disturbing and unpleasant.

I feel very dissapointed about you Envato and your support. I’m cooperating with many companies and everywhere I get response within 1 day. I paid you almost 100$ and for me is huge sum and I got nothing from you. Zero response. If we are talking about money, it should be the most important case for you. For me its almost stealing in broad daylight.
I have my company, my clients and deadlines too you know. Because yours fault I have to explain them why I can’t done my working. You call yourself a serious company? If you are a serious company I should get response within max 1 day!
My ticket id is #652196. I want to download links and licenses to three plugins which I paid for:

  • sumo-coupons-woocommerce-coupon-system
  • ninja-kick-subscription-wordpress-plugin
  • woocommerce-social-login-wordpress-plugin

and fix my account, cause I get message error (login: deefor)

“Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. Please contact Help Team for more details.”

OR just give my money back!

Support usually take these cases as a priority. When did you submit the ticket?

Thanks for replay. I’ve lost hope to contact with you

ticket was submit Yesterday 20.11 2016 20:03

Mayby I’m a little impatient, but I dont like this kind of problems

Hold on tight, nobody want to steal your money :slight_smile: we are trusted by millions of members. Weekend is behind us, support will contact you asap.

So it has not been 24 hours just yet and support are in Oz. I’m sure they’ll sort it for you ASAP.

Once more - thanks for reply, but I will calm down and believe in your support when I get answer from them and see results.

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I feel your frustration. You opened ticket when weekend. This can be happened if paypal didn’t send response to envato, some cases paypal api not responding. I think Envato will be solved your problem asap.

The worst thing is that I don’t know where that money gone. Who got that money? Paypal or Envato?
I have a feeling that money vanished and nobody cares…

I think you need to wait a little :wink:

Your Money is safe. Please wait a little.

Everything is now ok. Thanks everybody. Three days have passed since my notification. Not bad:) We can rely on you, good job.

My advise for other:
don’t open the payment dispute in Paypal, cause you get your account blocked and the procedure will take longer. Why? Cause you must close the dispute + 1 day longer.

Topic may be closed. Peace