Help me please! Paid by paypal but no order showing!

Hi, I need some help. I found a theme I wanted to buy to use for my business website I am building. I purchased this morning and paid by paypal through my visa card. I got took back to the envato site and it shows I have no pending orders, no downloads etc. I checked my bank account and the money has been taken off my card. I checked my paypal account and it says ‘payment authorized’ to envato. The money has been taken and is authorized to envato and is sitting waiting for them to process the order but by my envato account it says I have made no orders. It is my first time purchasing here and I am not happy that I now am down nearly £60 and I now cannot access my money or even cancel it because it is waiting for envato. I wanted to get on with building my site with this theme and I am just stuck waiting around with my money gone. It seems envato says I have no order and will not try to claim the money for it so it is just held in paypal for nothing. I contacted paypal who say to wait 24 hours to see if envato claim the money and process the order. Has this happened to anyone else or have I just lost £60. Have contacted the helpdesk with no reply. Do people usually have to wait for orders to be processed and money claimed and the order not showing on envato, I had no confirmation or anything. Please help.

Have you received an email confirmation for your purchase? I’ve never witnessed nor heard of having to wait for it to process, but because of how PayPal notifies Envato of a payment, it’s not impossible that there were delays.

Envato will respond to your ticket as soon as possible. Don’t think they work on weekends. Make sure you included the PayPal transaction details including the transaction ID.

Someone in the help team will review your ticket and send it to the right people. I’m sure they will also mark it high priority. :slight_smile:

This is happen to me as well. Don’tr know what is going wrong, but I pay with my paypal and dont have any email receipt or nothing… Just gone…