Music Download issue - No way to contact!

Is there anyone here that can help us? We tried to contact Envato support for a week. We downloaded a music track, paid, and got no Email and no nothing.

But we got charged. Is this really a real company or it’s a fraud?


Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Hey, I opened 5 tickets in the last 5 days.

Didn’t hear a word

Out of interest is the item in your downloads page?

please don’t create multiple tickets because it will help to create large open ticket queue and as a result ticket reply can be delay. keep patience support team will reply your ticket.

I don’t remember cause It shows me that there is nothing on the download box

Download box? If you login and go to is it there in the list?

OK. This was the first time I’ve seen my purchase. They say they sent me an Email confirmation but I didn’t get. i did resent 10 times, still nothing. and it’s the same Email the correct one, no typo for sure

If you click the download button then as well as downloading the music you can also get the license etc.

please double check your inbox, spam and junk email. You must should receive email for every purchase. If you oversure you didn’t received email then please keep patience envato support team will reply your open ticket and will assist you to fix this issue. Thanks

How can i be patient, I purchased it 5 days ago. Our business desperately needs it.

This is not a good answer from a support team to be honest

We can understand but in forum we will not be bale to help in this, just we can send you in the right track so that you can get help from envato support team.
Have you checked your email inbox, spam and junk folder! May be you have received in spam.
otherwise hope envato support team will reply and help you very soon.

I checked everything 500 times a day.

This is honestly my first and last purchase here. The worst online experience I’ve ever heard…Too bad.

tbh, I don’t think any of them will ever reply to me. if they didn’t reply in 5 days, they won’t reply. but what can I do :worried: I guess if in 24 hours i won’t get a reply I will have to reprt this as a fraud and get my money back…

Really frustrating

please can you share your open support ticket id here

How can I find it?

when you open a help ticket (contact support) they have given you a ticket id (in email).

I think you are missing the issue here. (:
I don’t get anything in my Email from Envato.

so, when you opned ticket(s) you should receive email where you will find a ticket id to keep track of the request.

For the 3rd time…

I’m not getting any emails…that’s my issue…not for confirmation, not for help ticket. nothing.