Unable to download music?


Hopefully, someone is able to help! I’m receiving a message… when I try to download a music track.

‘Oops, it looks like this file is temporarily unavailable. We’ll endeavor to fix the problem. Please check back soon.’

Please let me know if this is just a recent current error? Happens across all songs I’m trying to download.

Thanking you,

Having the same issue across all Envato products!

Same issue over here but for all products! Very frustrating

Yea what’s up is the whole site down? I’m trying to work and this is very frustrating, going to grab lunch and hopefully it’s fixed when I get back.

I have the same problem here in Brazil :roll_eyes: . I can’t download any item :roll_eyes:

HELLO…!! Can someone please reply with answers to this download issue?? I have deadlines and customers waiting. Thank you…!

Getting the same alert here when attempting to download any graphic file.

Hi all!

Can people who are having an issue here please reply and confirm what site you’re on when you experience this error? Envato Elements is currently having an issue with downloads (a fix is in the works for this right now), but this post is in the AudioJungle forum.

We’ve been testing and so far downloads from all Envato Market sites are working correctly. Our monitoring systems are not showing any problems with Market site downloads either.