Help Me Friends!

Hello friends! Don’t get me wrong, I love this market very much.
But I have some questions.

Not long ago, I sent a request for Envato Support (Author Hub). After that, they answered that they would soon decide this question and contact me. (I will not announce the subject of the request, as it is very ordinary and simple). After that, more than two weeks have passed and there is still no answer, unfortunately. I sent a new request in the hope that maybe my message was simply looking for something or went down and is not visible to the support team. But after the automatic letter (that my request was sent) no reply came.

Question to you: Did you have this situation? How long can it last?

Who can I contact to inquire about the status of the request.

Thank you all!

They made me wait over a month once. Had to send them a “what’s up” message to finally get an (unsatisfactory) answer.

I really am unimpressed by Envato support. Interactions with them have always been disappointing and unhelpful.

The issue was resolved (albeit late). Thanks to the team Envato for paying attention to this. All the best!