Summer bingo flyer inspiration

I don’t upload it because GR don’t like my flyers so i only want to share it with you.
This one is only for some inspiration.
I created this one last month.
I only ‘steal’ the titlestyle and the birds, im not Picasso.
My PC and graphiccard doen’s liked the 3D render with the glass.

The text on the flyer is in Dutch so maybe you can not translate it.

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This is awesome

Love the attention to detail down to the feather in front of the text

Interesting font choice for the subtitle text and copy but it does work and shows how unusual fonts for the right reason and not to just be different make sense


Focusing on the typo little bit more could get you the approval
We don’t understand the language but we could guess what it means :wink:

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I like it!

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Ok what part of typo?
I think the date text needs attention but maybe im wrong.

Thank you Charlie, well i choose a kind of western font for this instead of a regular sans serif.
And i hoped that someone noticed the feathers hahahah.
I will give it a try but i think they will reject it again.
Once approved i will get drunk like it is my last day on earth :wink:

Thank you very much.

The subtitle and body fonts are subjective - personally I like them but it’s the only bit that could possibly cause issues I think

My friend I appreciate your artwork but your main issue is typography. Always is separated and not integrated with the artwork. Looks like a sticker on top that ruins everything. Also, the fonts that you chose don’t work well together and are not paired. Also 2: Try to avoid symmetry. Also 3: try to follow the hierarchy rules.

Yes your absolutely right about the title.
I focused to much on let the title standing out and it don’t looks well
But that’s a very difficult one to get done and will work on it.

About the font and hierarchy i think that i must use a sans serif font for the less important text and creates more hierarchy.
I focused to much on the title again.

Can you explain this one for this flyer? Try to avoid symmetry.
I don’t understand what you mean in this case.

IT IS NOT A MUST TO USE SANS SERIF. Just use common sense and choose one main font (for the title) that works well with the poster theme (of course needs to be readable).

Just choose 5 different fonts integrate them and post it here.

I would not tell you what font works because I want you to learn.

The second font needs to be complementary to the title font. in this case can be a sans serif.

About composition read this Graphic design composition—main notions | Amadine Useful Articles

Symmetry is overused that’s why I told you to avoid it.


10 posters/flyers with nonsymmetrical compositions that I like



It’s a good link and really nice posters ( I also have a collection of them somewhere on my HDD ) but the problem is to create those as templates and most of the time, you have limitations ( those needs to be edited/modified by everyone else )

On top of that posters and flyers are a bit different.

The posters I’ve posted are composition examples. Needs to be adapted to create flyers.

I honestly really like this flyer! The colors are a great fit for summer, and I love how you incorporated bingo elements. Good luck!

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Heb je geprobeerd deze flyer in te dienen, broer?

Yes but hard rejected.

Much better but it’s not ready for approved graphicriver.