Summer Flyer Rejected-Seniors!!! insights needed.



hi as for me i rather like what u have here but i think that there are several ways u can improve what u have here … first all i do not feel that the squared banner with the date inside is not matching really well with the things that u have around. A circle would have naturally been much more harmonious or even a triangle depending on how u place the texts inside …
otherwise, i think that have an issue about the disposition of central texts as they are not really imbricating very well indeed … there is for that matter an issue of both disposition and spacing if u wish , besides , still about these central texts , in my opinion and experience this is not so good of a good idea to have texts crossing shapes that turn out to be under indeed … this is making this text way harder to read and prevents it from popping out too …
with the footer u have an issue of font pairing and spacing too … this is hard to identify why u have 2 blocks indeed and why the spacing is like this , too
if i were i would consider placing the model slightly more on the right , even if this implies that summer is a bit pushed on the right too
u should introduce some shadows under the leaves this would make the graphics look more credible and realistic as well as smoothen the general overview

this was for the global creation indeed, now i have to comment about the yellow version in particular

in the yellow version there are the same issues but additional things to improve too as regard tp colors and color matching, readability and so on …
first of all summer is not in the same color as the date squared and this is not looking good visually it kills the harmony … then, the red color is not the best choice indeed, especially when it comes to making the visual look very good and as far as readability is concerned … u have too little contrast with the black text
“party” with the shadow as such is neither popping out nor being really readable indeed

Thank you I would keep this in mind in future IA. but what about the “Summer” text? I think this would be a reason for the rejection. What do you Say?

the text itself maybe if they do not like the typo but the thing is this is combined with the spacing issue and if u put two on two together i think yes …