Summer Flyer Rejected. Need Opinions

Sigh. Just trying to get some thoughts on why the artwork is getting rejected. As usual, much appreciated.

hi there is a lot to say indeed …

1- positioning of the title
this is not the best u are kind of hiding the title , it’s in the back, not really outstanding , it may work in some cases, in this case, not this much …

2- not realistic mixed media style
u have a problem with the global style, the mixture of illustrations and pictures is not working if u ask me … the composition does not look natural

3- uneven / disorganized composition
the thing is that your composition definitely too “thick” u can mix many elements but it looks like “choking” right now and the eye get lost in what u have … it takes u to do something that looks not even but looks well arranged all the same so that u have something really efficient …

4- most of texts are not outstanding and something unreadable
al the texts in the wood board for instance are just impossible to read when they should be as "outstanding " as possible

5- mistake in the spelling for “saturday”

6- typo is is not harmonious
the combinations u have here are not efficient, font combinations are just not working

7- shadows
for the composition to look a bit realistic , u need to drop shadows here and there … at this stage it just looks like compiled elements …

8- spacing
u need to introduce more space between the upper edge and the header and the lower edge and the footer so that the composition and texts can breath

9- more free space
u are expected to provide people with more space so that they can potentially add more of their information, all the space is covered with elements right now

10- splashes
it makes the thing looks poorly executed, sorry to say just that , but what i mean by that it that either u introduce something that looks good or just take out these splashed which ruin your item preview … this is not looking natural what u have , neither does it look aesthetic … not to mention that there is red color splash going out of a blue bottle, does it really make sense?

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Yes, red splattering with children holding plastic guns, isn’t a good idea, or the kid’s legs on the right being chopped off in the water.

Sometimes you just have to keep at it, good luck.


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@n2n44 has given you quite the breakdown…

Nice attempt…the goal is to keep improving.

I did not give him a breakdown … Just a true description of what i was analyzing. There is no interest in saying something mean just to be mean … I believe in motivating people rather than breaking them down (and believe me some other guys do not feel the same and would have tear him into pieces with this one …). Besides, i have a long documented history of helping people without doing what u mentioned (so pls next time talk about what u know, ok?). However, if there is no interest in breaking people down, neither is there any interest in polishing his shoes just like u did. If the thing was so very nice, as u mentioned, i guess that the thing would have been approved when it was not. There are thus some reasons. I used my 16+ years in the business to point at what he needs to improve and take his game to the next level but he is also free not to follow what i said and do the same mistakes over and over again and have everything hard rejected like what u are basically suggesting.

this is up to u to choose to follow @mazmiz 's “advice” to basically do the same and to keep on being hard rejected rather than stepping forward and getting to the next level. Maybe instead of doubting what i said he could have considered that i seem to be a much more experienced designer than he is and this far much better seller with much more items for sale in a category that looks more like yours than his …

Hey @n2n44 I would like to clarify what I meant by ‘breakdown’. I meant a detailed analysis of the problem. I’m sorry about how you felt but please know I didn’t mean anything negative. I like what you do here and will admit you’re more experienced and a better seller on this platform. I am relatively new here & still trying to find my footing hence the low sales.

My advice was to keep improving… probably I should have added by learning from info shared on this platform by guys like you. I really like & I’m inspired by your efforts to help new & experienced authors to get their items approved and make sales.

hi this is no big deal … all people have more experienced author, better selling or more gifted artist than who we are to compare with … a lot of achievements are a matter of time or "opportunity ", this is by the ay what a lot of people have success forget about by the way, all is a matter of luck and or “opportunities” … maybe one day u will have more sales than i have by the way, and even if u do that will not proving that u are better than all the people beyond u in GR’s official ranking … maybe in a few months u will have 10000 sales , who knows, this is the kind of thing that i wish to u , actually … some guys have long term experiences here or in the graphic design business, and though they managed to stick to it, does not mean necessarily that they are definitely good professionals all the same. For me , people who have more “merit” are not the gifted ones for whom everything is natural and going well in sort of innate way but people who made it the hard way and had to fight their way to step up to the plate indeed

the best piece of advice i may give u is to take things in your own hands , this means doing your best in the first place and then once u have had your items done, approved, and so on , just make a big effort to promote … u have to identify that now with so many authors, older guys in town u need to get noticed in a positive way and u should not wait for envato to get the job done to make u sell as what seemed to happen when they started that they had big selling potential and sales were easy to make indeed. All the “elders” here will tell u that they spend at least as much time to create things for here as they spend to promote them …

Thank you. I’ve just now realized I really need to put more effort in promoting my items.

I also wish you the best of luck in your sales.

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i can tell u buddy that this is essential … i used not to do anything when i started and i lost a lot of time having pretty low sales now that i have either developed substantially my portfolio and do what it takes promotion wise this is really really way better …