Back to School Flyer review


Hello, after many rejections i decided to post the flyer here first, on the forum for some advices and reviews, i’m hoping for better :smiley:
Flyer here


Hi, Ainkiwi, cool idea, but l think that the spacing for the 31 AUG, is out?

Or Vertical spacing is larger than the OPEN 22, and FREE DRINKS.

As well as it being too simple for acceptance, you need to spruce it up or put more effort into the other graphic elements in your work!

Good luck.

And thanks for posting, l thought that the newbies were gone for good?

:sunglasses: :blush:


It could really use some more going on with the illustrations, it’s a bit plain and would benefit from being a bit more colourful as well. It’s a good start but it looks unfinished (the typography also.)


The spacing i set on auto and its a single text, i set it on lower distance now, but how can i spruce it up? this is the part that i need help, how can i give to my flyer more color?
Thank you for the advices, btw, newbies are still here :smiley:


How do you add more colour? Make the illustrations like the pencil etc have colours on them? And maybe the text as well? Do some designing! :smiley: As for improving the typography, it takes time and experience to become good at typography. It’s important to understand hierarchy in the layout, and how that’s affected by the weight, size, colour, spacing etc of the text. :blush:


Thanks Toivo :blush:


Try to Observe Nature in its colours. Sometime is difficult to pair colours or create a colourful and harmonic design without some Color Theory Basics. I saw that you used a Green: try to shift your tone to a pastel or a more unique or natural green. Think about green: what do you imagine?

- A tree
- A Leaf
- An Apple

An so on…

Now think about other colours linked to those objects: Brown, for example; some yellow hues, etc

You could use a warm light grey for your text instead of white. Imagine different colour combination and different contrasts.

Also Text Hierarchy is an Important Matter that make me improve my design day by day thanks to Envato Community.

Do not Forget to include guides and Bleed Areas in your Print Design.

Take a Look Here for other interesting tips to improve your design!


You don’t necessarily have to do color just add a lot more details to the bus, etc that you have.

If you get stuck then Google chalk board graphics, l am sure that you will find intricate graphic designs you can take ideas from.



he has to bring new elements to the table to do just that , this way, this is difficult to introduce some colors if he strictly sticks to the current concept in my view


hi buddy, as for me your item is too simple and a bit too flat at this time , the concept is nice and minimalistic and some people will like it but there’s a problem insofar as your texts are not really outstanding and in addition , there aren’s so many graphic but u are not all the same managing to reach the standards of this trendy style nowadays where people use a lost exclusively fonts, so, in my opinion, either need to bring more elements (and the colors with them) or u need to need to rework to end up with a more trendy styles, as i just explained


Thank you very much guys for giving me those advices, great community, really great, i will do some changes to my flyer, and post it again here, thank you again! :smiley:


u are welcome this is good that u listen and take opinions into account and hopefully, u’ll get your next items approved and for sales here quickly :wink:


hi again, i readed about text hierarchy and color theory basics and much other about flyers, so i tried to do some kind of complementary colors, with that red, opposite of green, so i changed color of “your club” to red, and by the hierarchy of text i enlarged 31, opens, entry, free, cinq, call us, your club, and bolded them, i added too some others elements, those papers and a pencil. For me, it still looks crappy, i don’t know :neutral_face: … But still i’m trying and hoping for better :blush: , i’m waiting for your feedback, thanks anticipated guys for your help :smile:
Updated flyer


Yes, l agree the colors are ruining it, ditch anything with color!

And l would rework your other images and make them more like these, (the ones you have there now look more like decals).

Or just Google - chalk board illustrations images, for inspiration.

Good luck.



Ok, i’ve done something, last feedback, i won’t try anymore with this flyer, but i still need a review, then i will try to post it. I think its an improvement , what do you think guys? :smiley:


Hi Ainkiwi,
in my opinion , the flyer is too simple and there are several problems with typography.
You should work harder on it, read and study a bit more about typography and font pairing.
Good Luck and don’t give up :wink:


Why did you put a mystery goblet of potion on it? :smiley: Otherwise I agree with MatteoGianfreda.


it was meant to be a cocktail :smiley:
Typography updated : Here


Hierarchy is still wrong and font pairing too. You have to rework on the overall design tho , it ain’t enough yet.


I Agree with Matteo. Sometimes the best way to make things better is to go back to the roots, taking some time to observe what you have done and start again. Your created design now if influencing you and it seems difficult to change.
Open another blank PSD and give you a new try… :+1: