Rock the Boat summer party flyer

Took me a 2 days to create this 3D render with all the shadow and highlights.
Hope it will be approved.


Sorry for I say you difficil to ready your flyer, your need improve your flyer, you can ask other authors and I hope you flyer will to be approved.

Thank you.

@JeriTeam This is Bad english, don’t understand.
How can i improve it and what is wrong with this flyer?
I want to hear it from YOU because you are a very good flyer designer.

difficult text to read, thank you. I neither am good designer same you. You can ask other author.

but your flyer 3D is very good designs, but I have very much trust in the author n2n44 than other authors.

@JeriTeam Can you please tell me why you comment my topic if you can’t give a value feedback and tell me to ask more experience authors?

And 2nd, please don’t compare me with you. Im a high quality designer that makes hq 3D renders and youre not.

Many thanks.

haha… I too am experience 3D but many hours how 8 hours work 3D for example a create a dog, for so I not like many works, when approved my flyer, I will to do 3D my flyer, good, now I explain Difficult to see your flyer and also to read texts, the truth is that I do not like to use thick lines with letters and difficult to read yellow, you need a background border for example your sky is light blue so a blue color with low opacity depends on what you feel to see your flyer more better, try that, you need to improve your typography to pass the level of your sell flyer but that taught me n2n44, I don’t know if you understand me.

If you have doubts, you can buy a flyer in graphicriver from any author to see what the opacity of a border on a flyer is like.

@JeriTeam Now that is a good feedback you gave,
I will work on it.

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you are welcome :slight_smile: I hope you will to approved.

A ask… you are men or woman? Sorry for my question because I wanted to know, I don’t know you.

hi indeed, u have an issue with the footer , if I were u I would not blend the lower part of the headphones and place a shadow under , to sort of place it on the ground … I think that the positioning of the pool word is more likely to get u into trouble more than any other thing, especially when it comes to placing additional ones for secondary information purposes . I also believe that there is a slight lack of “fun” or partying in this one, that would also make the whole design more lively in the process

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@n2n44 Thank you, i will work on the footer and you have very valuable feedback about the fun factor in the flyer.
I will add some fun elements in it.
I think that the pool title kills me a little but i wanted to place it more into the glass.
What about the headphones i think you have a good point.
The meaning was to place it into the sand but it failed i guess so i will add a shadow under it.
I will work on this all, Thnx