My Flyer has been Rejected.

Good day, could someone please provide feedback as to why they think my submission was rejected.

this is the flyer

I am really desperate for an official feedback so i have included the file below. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @avalonity, for starters it is a nice design, but a risky one, l tried a similar idea with water and it got clobbered.

But first off the big blue fish is cut off, so l would make that smaller to fit it all in.

The text hierarchy is a mess, so it is best to click on this,…

You should remove the shapes folder, (l downloaded) as removing the white space would help.

And the model does not blend in with the water at all, (you need water splashes).

But the file is well organized, and all elements appear to be sufficiently cleaned, so l would say it got canned for visual reasons.

I would also check your guide lines, l might be wrong, but your ones appear to be too large, (you need to keep all key elements within guide lines, so the customer won’t lose something when printing).

It is best to make a square of guide edges and use that to work from.

Good luck.


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Thank you for the reply it means alot!

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Envato also rejected mine can you please try to see if there is a problem in my design :frowning:

Well, l would if l could see it!


Im posting it man :-/

Top paint sploch is interfiering with the top text, the bottom text is pretty good but needs a line of graphic inbetween the DJ, line and CARCAR line one, just to be safe.

But l would say the real reason is, it is too simple.

Minimal can get accepted here, but it usually involves a reasonably complex graphic.

Good luck.



Thank you so much man :slight_smile:

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But ehat do you mean by reasonably complex graphics?

If you type in Halloween Party Flyer into search and look at the top listed flyers, a few there are mimilistic,but still involve complex graphics.

Okay bro. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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