Summer Beach Party Flyer is Hard Rejected.

Hi guys,
I’ve tried to upload my sixth item on Envato. It’s a graphic river flyer. But obviously it got rejected. Never successful
until now. I don’t know whether because of the design or technical problems.
Here is the flyer and some files.
Please advise to avoid me making the same mistakes… Thanks



Please help me… I need some guideline…

My opinion is that there’s nothing really wrong with it, but there are many flyers virtually identical to this already on GR. I would try to do something a little bit more unique.

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I see… I will create something different and submit it again… Thanks for the feedback… :wink:

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Yes, @CKartStudio, l downloaded a took a look at the PSD file. Nice job, but there are a few things that are probably adding to your failure rate.

First off get rid of the safe, red area stuff, or folder, l never do that, and a fair percentage get accepted, the guide lines are enough.

Second, the Party text is hard to see, so that is probably adding to your bin rate, (probably get away with the yellow on blue, but it is really hard to see on the wood).

And the background is too simple, or the water parts look great, but the background is a bit too much on the basic side.

A sun lighting affect for the ocean, would help.

Keep, going l failed 8 times before getting one in.


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Thanks @tmcom for took a look my PSD files and went through all the details… I will delete the Print Area folder that you were mentioned it before…

Your explaination very details. I will improve it. Maybe an expert will give a different opinion and suggestion how to get succeed in graphicriver…

Thanks for your suggestions and criticsm… I need it to improve myself… And never give up… :blush:

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Welcome @CKartStudio

Good luck.