Could I get some feedback for this Summer Poster before sending for review please.

Hello everyone,
recently I was doing this Summer Poster Design with hope that I will be able to submit for approve, before I would like to ask you for your feedback and if there is something whats need improvement, This is my first poster design which I want to send for approval.

Your Feedback is much appreciated

Thank you

Best Regards


hi jake are u serious?! lol how can we help u with such a preview?! lol maybe this is part of the reaosns for teh rejection by the way … hard to identify what your item is all about … lol

ok i have opened the preview with photoshop and this is ok to see approximately … well the fact of the matter is that u have several major issues to deal with according to me … first of all , hard to identity what the flyer is for … the seasonal side of the flyer does not really transpire from what u have here in the first place … then, sorry to say just this, because no doubt that u spend some time and tried to do your best, but this is overall looking messy and a bit in the middle of the way between abstract and seasonal … not to mention that there are some guys who do better than u by far about the concerned style , like Stylewish. One of the major problemss that u have to fix in priority is as regard to typo … as most of the typo is sort o wrong one way or the other … most of teh combinations do not work really well, and most importantly texts globally are nit much readable indeed, because of whata i mentioned, because of the choice of used fonts and also because of a lack of contrast of some texts , which emphasize the problem …