Suggestions for a new flyer design


Hello everyone,

i want to give this opportunity to all members and encourage any ideas or suggestions for my next project. I’m creating a new flyer design. You can also suggest whether it should be vertical or horizontal size. This Flyer will include CMYK and RGB mode with all layers editable including text. Thanks for any input


hi Psdflyers, well indeed, this is hard to answer that one, i guess u are not ignoring that the most of us deal with christmas and nye celebrations at this time and i guess that’s not the kind of thing that u are expecting for lol. Indeed, this thread would be even more interesting if buyers could come and tell us more about their potential needs. Besides, why don’t u try to contact Bigtrini? this guy likes your style , seems to buy many things from GR and is likely to have some particular demands according to what we could see in the past, u may once again fit his needs :wink: