Opinion thread.

This is an idea that i have for a flyer. I am going for an elegant vibe with a minimalistic look but i also thaught about the idea of putting a glitch effect on the model image. What do you guys thing is it something that will get remotely close to being accepted?
PS: Could you alse recommen me some fonts it could really help.

With respect that just looks like a generic stock model image - where’s the rest of the flyer?

This is not even remotely close to a finished product i just wanted to get someone to tell me if the idea is good. I am currently working on this i will update when i have something

You need to create a lot more of it before anyone can give you proper feedback

Even having described the idea does not really work because it comes down a lot to how it is executed.

Don’t forget you can’t share images like that in the download version so it probably is not a good idea to make a design which makes/breaks on that

Got it.

hi well think about it u offer a minimalistic item and style all based on a picture that can not be included so pls tell me why anyone would buy such an item, pls? lol in addition, strange idea to be willing to show a minimalistic thing when this is not even finished lol