Feedback for some flyers

Hello, after 10 rejected flyers about quality standard so I need some help.
I worked hard on the typo and everything is readable.
Can this 2 flyers been approve?
Thank you very much.

hi pls post one flyer per thread next time, this is easier to answer and tell u exactly how to bring your item to the next level as this is allowing that we get into deeper details.

9-ball one

1- coherence
this kind of game does really exist ? snooker is played with 3 or 4 if i remember well, and ask for others 15 , if i am correct , so is there a real potential for the item as such? and why accepting an item with close to no potential?
still in the same chapter , but a different issue , the cut ball to be used as lamps is not making sense in terms of perspective and neither when it comes to having a real meaning or legitimacy
2- contrast
i am not sure that using texts almost the same color as the background is doing any favor to the general look of your item so that texts are readable and popping out
3- hierarchy
oddly enough in the subtitle , the less important texts are in the color that pops out the most and vice versa and the main title due to the contras issue evoked in point 2 is not super outstanding to say the least
and this is a bit globally a collection of hierarchy problems that u have at this stage , pls keep in mind that identifying primary and secondary info should be made kind of at first glance and that u should value important information over additional a bit superfluous ones …
4- global style
once again , due to a relative lack of graphic design , the potential of the item is rathe low, u are probably expected to push the envelope graphic design wise
5- execution
the ball 1 looks distorted and this is ruining a bit the central composition that u have created
6- misbalance
between the central axis , very busy and the sideways which look way emptier

acoustic flyer
pls do not take it personally but the thing is hard to look at … the problems related to this one are numerous
1- pixellated background
i do not identify what u have tried to made with this indeed but all that i know is that the background looks pixellated and clearly not aesthetic at this stage , maybe u tried a grunt style or something but honestly i assume that people cannot follow u as there is too much of doubts as regard to your intentions and the way the thing looks
2- coherence
sorry to say just this but i do not see the guideline between the guitar the flowers, the background and the “unidentified thing” that is under them … is this a footer, right? is that credible to have a background that looks like sort of a sea with on top of it a guitar on a footer surrounded by flower ornaments?
3- contrast
the central title is not contrasting enough, keep in mind that contrast is a basic design principle and that getting into trouble about this means bit trouble and a snowball effect towards additional troubles …
4- typo
well, how can i say ? the thing is that combinations do not work, the style of the typo and the composition and probably the initial idea do not match
5- finition and execution
for a composition to look credible u have to make sure that u give it the proper attention and this basically means that introducing some lights or shadows are nothing but mandatory it looks also like that u have a big problem with the texture in the back and that it was not covering it all so that u pasted some more and this is making a breaking line …

Thank you for your feedback.
I will not uploading this 2 again and work hard on my next flyers.