I would like authors to make some comments on my first rejected flyer please!

Hello Experts!

I have uploaded my first Multipurpose Product Flyer Design. I kept it simple but standard. May be i was wrong somewhere. I don’t want to give up here. That’s why i need to know if i am doing everything in correct way. I am sharing all the files i uploaded. Here is the link- https://goo.gl/fSXq8V

Please download the file and give me some feedback where should i improve or let me know if i made any mistake.

Thank you so much for your valuable time and suggestion.

In general not bad. But it looks a little old. And all text blocks are too close to the borders of the flyer. Wish you improve your flyer and got approval! ;^)

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Thank you so much for your kind review!

Did you check all the files? Is there any problem with layer or file management? Image preview is too large, is that a problem?

I want to improve design but need to confirm first that my work is on correct way!

Thank you again

Is there anyone who could check my files and let me know if there is any problem with them? I know i will have to improve the design next time. But i need to ensure about files and layers are okay.

Thanks in advance!