Flyers Hard Rejected

Hi Guys,
I am currently trying to upload “Corporate Flyers” on GR as exclusive author and getting “Hard Rejected” feedback from the GR Team. Here is some of my work. Please review and provide feedback.

Thanks for your Help.


hi well this is globally lacking a touch of creativity so that u turn a clean but flat thing into something more punchy indeed. The typo is uneven from one flyer to the other but globally is a bit too flat and most importantly lacking originality and punch indeed. Some of the icons u use are also a bit too basic and simple if u ask me and u have to pay attention to alignment indeed, like for the two first ones where u have changing flagged texts lacking of coherence in a way

I did not pick up “changing flagged texts” term used in the last line. If you could explain please.

Thanks for the rest of your valuable feedback.

whether your texts are starting from the right , the left or the middle … u have left , right and middle flagged texts …