Submitting problems

Hello everyone, I’m new and I submit the first 3 logos, I received an email from the reviewer who told me that I’m in soft rejection to change a couple of technical parameters that I did not know. I modified everything as required but it seems that the site does not make the changes, the reviewer continues to tell me that the files are wrong while I corrected them … even the text of the description was wrong but every time I correct it I save and check again but it remains the same. It seems that the changes are not accepted. Does it happen to someone else? tips? Thank you!

when your item is soft rejected it will appear in your “hidden items” in your author menu (search this). In hidden items you can enter your soft rejected item, click edit item and then upload all files you need, then click save.

Check if you doing it right.

Hello Novocaina,
is exactly what I do, I go on hidden items I make the changes but everything remains the same, the reviewer writes to me that there are the same mistakes that I corrected days ago. Even the text remains with the same errors. I tried 3 different browsers on mac and 2 from windows … nothing! I’m trying to get help from assistance.

I am almost sure you do something wrong.

Make ticket to envato because I can’t be support here.

I opened a ticket 3 days ago, I also sent a video of my uploading problem. The dev department are viewing, I think it’s a bug. I hope they solve it :frowning:

When you open edit items do you see the files which you uploaded earlier, if yes try deleting them on X and upload fresh file. Maybe help this way :grinning:

I do 20 times, i try even with ftp, I created and renamed new folders. the reviewer tells me that he sees the old files. The problem is also that I create the new item titles except and continue to keep the old text. I believe that assistance has not understood what the problem is.

It seems like some technical problem, I hope you will solve this.