How to deleted my old Soft Rejected item

Hello Sir,
Please please help mee.My new Soft Rejected item not show


Go to your themeforest hidden item tab > click that item edit >


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Thank you sir,But edite button not found.


But hidden item not showing this

Your Item got hard rejected. Hard rejected item again submit is not allowed. Only soft rejected item can be found in Hidden Item page to edit (fix issues and submit) the item.

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But this is my own product, so what is the reason for its cancellation?

If you check the email content you will see the reason and the reason is not meet the quality standard for the envato market.

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Hi @aasraful,

already hard rejected Item again resubmit not acceptable by envato. You may re-submit once you have done significant changes and can be considered as a completely new item that is entirely distinguishable from the first upload. So that it look and feel as like a totally new Item.

Please note: If your item has been hard rejected, you cannot resubmit the item. Attempting to resubmit a hard rejected item(s) may result in revoked upload rights as we want to ensure a fair and equitable platform for all.

More information here:


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But sir there is no mention of hard rejection here.
Please let me know the reasons why my product has been rejected please.

  • View the status of your submission via the email sent to you by the Quality Team.
  • If the email subject line contains “Needs Improvement”, your item has been Soft Rejected.
  • If the email subject line contains “Rejected”, your item has been Hard Rejected.
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Thank You