My item disappared without explanation

I have uploaded an item couple of days ago and it was queued for just one or two hours. Then disappared with no clue. abviously it is disapproved but not rejected either. Couldn’t find it ‘hidden items’ section. No mail in my spam. Then time passed just recently i have got an email and just says ‘your item hard rejected’. Thats it. No more. Why? No clue.

So what should i do next? Should i throw away my work. It was a beautiful item. Could have sold hundreds.

Help me please

Hi @gundoganm,

If you didn’t receive the Item review notification email (you should to check spam/junk as well), then check your email settings (Settings => Email Settings) in Envato market Dashboard Settings, is there a check mark for Item review notifications.

Sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox, spam, junk as well.


thanks for the reply but i already did all of it, as its explained in my first message. I first thought there is a bug on codecanyon system. But there wasn’t. This was their policy.
So, the question is what should i do my hard rejected item? How much change should i do in order to upload again?

already hard rejected Item again resubmit (without significant changes) not acceptable by envato. You may re-submit once you have done significant changes and can be considered as a completely new item that is entirely distinguishable from the first upload (your rejected item). So that it look and feel as like a totally new Item with more premium features and functionality.

Can I Resubmit A Hard Rejected Item?

  • If your item has been Hard Rejected , you cannot re-submit the item.
  • Attempting to resubmit your rejected item(s) is considered an unacceptable use of Envato Market and may result in revoked upload rights .
  • You must create a brand new item and ensure it is entirely distinguishable from your rejected item.

More information here: