4 times Soft reject, Please help me!

I submitted my powerpoint presentation template one week ago and got soft reject 4 times.

First reject: The preview image here needs re-exporting at a higher quality level as it currently is pixelated and compressed.
I did re-export at a higher quality level.

Second reject: You might need to rename the preview image file before saving or the changes won’t take effect.
I renamed file ‘Image Preview.jpg’ to ‘Image Preview-updated.jpg’

Third reject: No changes have been made to the preview image here.
I was confusing, which image preview or preview image set? so I renamed each slide name to slide001.jpg, slide002.jpg …etc from slide1, slide2, slide3…etc

Fourth reject: No changes have been made to the preview image here.
Again rejected,I am confusing what is mean that?

Please help me!

that means that have a hard time with it lol kidding lol i guess u did not have to do with the same reviewer and with the same expectations and the fact of submitting many times without being accepted leads to have a hard rejection in the end

Thank buddy,

I think it would be better to delete item (item hidden - soft reject) and upload new item again. Hopefully it will approved. :smile:

what are u talking about buddy, if u take out a file from soft rejections, u have to get back to the beginning of the queue, so, in case u have a soft rejection , u need to take your time to read well what they ask for and make sure that u do what u are expected to do before re-uploading, that’s all :wink:

I know @n2n44. I thought there is something problem bug issues on our Envato. Because I checked edit history on hidden item, there was still old image preview and hadn’t new updated yet after I re-submitted files

That’s why I deleted the soft rejected item files, API generate password and then re-uploaded new one in order to clear old files.

ok, if u felt like u had a technical problem but otherwise, it makes u waste some time indeed