Hi, my item got soft rejected and i am not sure what to do about it.

I uploaded a logo template submission yesterday, it got soft rejected, So i followed the instruction and resubmit the newly updated product. Then i got rejected again, but the email says :

This item was previously soft-rejected. Please follow the instructions in the rejection email and update that item. Do not upload as a new item. Thank you.
How to Update Items:

So the reviewer(s) are telling me not to upload as a new item, but to update the item instead. The articles says :

navigate to the item page

The thing is i don’t see how to access that item page ? I don’t even see a portfolio menu on my profile. I am a new author.


If your item got soft reject then please go to your account Dashboard then Hidden tab there you will find your soft rejeceted item. Click on that item and it will take you to the soft rejetcted Item details page there in right sidebar you will find Reviewer focused issues (also you will get a same focused list in your emial) and you have to fix those. When your update will be ready then again come to details page and at top you will find “Edit” tab. Click “Edit” and you will be able to submit your update there.

Hope now you can understand what to do.


hi i do not get it … if tis is a soft rejection that u had then u must have received an email with the feedback of the reviewer inside … if not , maybe search in the spam folder , but i guess u got it if u could see that there was a soft rejection anyways …

Thank you so much ! i didn’t know you can access the soft rejected item on hidden item menu.

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