submission on Envato

Hi everybody, I just made my first ever submission on Envato and got rejected

With respect this is way off the standards.

Just as a few starters (there are more):

  • General typography, font choices and hierarchy are all over the place

  • The 20% feature is not stand out, nor is it properly aligned to the circle it is in

  • The hero images are, in many cases, cropped oddly

  • The general design, construction and colour choices are very outdated and unappealing

  • Spacing between various elements is inconsistent

Your best option would be to examine successful items already for sale in particular the attention to detail and fluidity they bring.

Thank you…really appreciate it

In my opinion, the problems that you need to fix:

  1. The picture looks fuzzy
  2. Dirty gradient
  3. The items do not appear consistently
  4. The logo is in a terrible place and is not centered
  5. Typography
  6. It seems to me that the discount circle doesn’t look good

Best regards and have a nice day!

Thanks a lot…i"ll take note of every correction.

hi i think that u have a variety of issue to deal with

1- general style
indeed, what u have here rather looks like an illustrator made item rather than a photoshop one, the style is kind of lacking modernity and finition indeed

2- colors
for color associations think about diverse things, like complementary colors, or shades of the same colors and also think about theme and activity colors, i guess it will probably help u to have a more modern and harmonious thing in the end …

3- hierarchy
one of the main issues that u have here is about hierarchy of information , indeed , what u have here is not emphasizing the brand for instance … and the logo / brand is relegated to strange placement and too small a size, so in the end this is not valued and underlined enough

4- coherence
i am not sure that it really makes to detail only half way just like u do right now … either u choose to really turn the thing into a real advertising for the place and all dishes or u just focus only on the restaurant and , the brand and a supposed promotional offer … in these cases, there is an impact on how u organize things , what u value, what u display or not and so on …

5- typo
the typo is too flat and lacks variations , font combinations and originality , not to mention also a bit of homogeneity either with the theme as well as the diverse fonts used inside the item, too …
if i were u i would take out these italic variation for the address, italic looks old and is not making the text more readable to say the least lol

6- bullets
if u create bullets to emphasize the price, make sure that prices inside are popping out lol otherwise this is decreasing gamely the interest … pls elect the right font, probably bold is better and make sure to organize inside the bullet so that all is well noticed, as big as possible …

7- alignement
make sure that u have aligned absolutely everything as expected this, really is having a big impact on the professionalism that transpires from your work or not and thus on the decision of the reviewer and the decision of the buyer to buy or not once the item is approved …, take a look at the top bullet , for instance, the price seems completely randomly placed and this is really looking awkward and ruining the thing visually too …

my advice …
i think that u should focus on the lower part that is rather good, just fix the things said for the concerned part and create your item around this … should a beautiful central picture in the back of the document and introduce a very punchy well balanced and original title on top of it and some sort of slogan under and that will be far better already , in my view, at least if u can manage to do this properly lol :slight_smile: