Need advice

Hi there,
I want to add my design here on Envato but before that, I need a piece of advice to know if my design will accept and sell.
So, could you tell me if the font or design or colors are good or not?

With respect this is never going to be approved.

You have a lots of issues with basic fundamentals such as:

  • typography: hierarchy, font choices etc

  • margins, spacing and padding: none of the “elegant” or “features” or “call now” text is properly positioned in the red banners

  • the spacing of the three columns at the bottom is off

  • shadows on all edges of the label in the top right doesn’t work

  • the contact info looks like it has been squashed into whatever space was left

  • the logo is not stand out enough and lacks hierarchy compared to the text content below it

Many thanks for all the issues. so is there a free flyer course that can help me to improve my design?

You could try Googling it but I wouldn’t fixate on it being about designing a flyer.

A lot of these issues are design principals that would relate to creating anything and not just flyers

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hi , sorry to say just that but u have a lot of things to fix, change, improve and so on so that u potentially have a chance to have this design accepted one day …

1- colors
pls think about shades and harmony of colors … at this stage this is really not matching …

2- contrast
lots of texts are not popping out enough from the background and are thus hard to read …

3- readability
lack of contrast and the disposition turn out to be much of a reason for texts to be hard to read and definitely not pushing people to have a look into details …

4- logo
this is badly placed have u ever heard about z-shape reading process? basically place your logo in top left side or bottom right one …

5- fake logo
ok this is just for preview but right now the thing does not look professional and makes your preview deteriorated again … pls invest some time to create a decent professional logo that will help u to underline your design …

6- text disposition
his is going in all direction, the eye gets lost … plus texts are not properly aligned in the bullets …

7- global lay out
your design revolves around the central “v-shape” and leads u to have to deal with a triangular space that u did not manage to dress properly … i recommend that u opt for another dispotion instead it will help u to have some thing more traditional but also easier to arrange properly …

8- collection
it looks a bit like many elements have been pasted with each other without there is a real logical ink between all of them … u have to think about homogeneity …

9- typo
this is flat not combining font well enough, the game with variations is not convincing enough yet , too . it will take u way more work about it …