Envato should tell us why they rejects designs. Please help me.

Someone, please help me with every single problem in my designs. I’m sure I’m not stupid in my design. Envato should tell us the problem in our designs so that we can learn or know the problems in our design.
is there anyone who can help me or suggest me something?

There are who many flyers available that anything new needs to be flawless

Work respect:

  • the design here feels quite outdated

  • The typography needs a lot of work

  • There are inconsistencies in spacing, alignment etc

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There are a lot of submissions that reviewers have to go through, so a detailed explanation as to why one is rejected wouldn’t be very efficient. Plus you will get a lot more feedback here on the forums, that’s why they redirect you here.

yes but may not be confronted with the real reason for teh rejection, too …

hi indeed, if your disposition is rather original indeed, the fact of the matter is that typo wise, there are a lot of issues for u to deal with. First of all, you should not put caps everywhere, in this case this is taking more space and making the “block of texts” less readable indeed. This is decreasing the hirarchy of information as well when nothing is justifying the use of caps indeed. We are and the following text is being too close from the white line and so is “creative features”. There is much more spacing in the white stripe than elsewhere also which makes u lose balance indeed. Hard to understand why a single title is in black color , as well. The footer is also difficult to read as u are lacking contrast between background and texts on top of it. I guess that putting a bit more effect or relief on shapes would be a good idea and would make your work look more worked out indeed