Please Help Me💕

I want to do work in envato market with successfully!
Today I received a message that my item has been rejected.I will be very grateful if you tell me where I am wrong!

I need advice from experts to improve my design skill as like as Graphicriverr Designer.
So, Please advice me how can i improve my design skill?

Advance Thank You :two_hearts:

hi, i am sorry to say just this but the global organization is too anarchical indeed. There are a lot of alignment and spacing issues and as u know that they are basic design principles, this is definitely not a good idea , to say the least …besides, the central “gutter” between both blocks of text in the lower section of the flyer is way too massive and breaks the harmony of the lay out, making it look strange and disorganized by the way …Pls also keep in mind that this is a template … and fr that matter what people expect u to do is to adapt content so that the organization, lay out , alignent and spacing are perfect … at the moment , this is not what happens as explained above and part of the thing is also due to the text of the lower section being too close from the “orange header” so that this is not breaking. The mentioned "choking " effect is related to too much of a massive content in the lower part. This also contrasts with the header being way more empty and where is alignement and placement issue . What i try to explain is that u have something paradoxical going on in the header , despite a rather empty part and having a lot of white space, this looks like choking because of texts being too close from the left margin indeed … i assume that there are also coherence issues … why is “take your” differing from the rest of the title in terms of style, color , contrat and size while this is still the same block? Otherwise, i strongly suggest that u invest some time to create a decent fake logo , the one u have is looking everything but professional and tends to flatten the rest of your work rather than taking it to the next level as far as the preview goes … The footer is made of a combination of contrast, color , spacing, alignment and hierarchy issues … if u are aware of what is going on , most of the time white color looks less outstanding on the screen but pops out more when printed , by far … i guess u will come to the point that u will thus realize that the important part is the phone number and that this is this number which should be put in white color so that this pops out … i personally do not “judge” the picture that u have used attractive and i also feel like that this may not be the best framing, as well. Pls also think about introducing more space between the upper margin and the elements in the header. Do this as well with the lower margin and footer info , this will breath more, look more aesthetic and give contents more impact , too. Finally in terms of typo, this is rather flat , too simple in my view and lacking relief and impact. In order to improve just this play more with it ., introduce variations, font combinations, touches of originality, this will take your game to the next level , no doubt.


Thank You :two_hearts:

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