Need review of the my logo

Hi All,

this logo has been rejected from the Envato.
So, i need your review or feedback for my logo so i can be better next time.


Hello … In the beginning, unfortunately there is a large amount of mistakes. I regret saying that, but implementation is very weak and there is nothing special about it and also the colors are not appropriate …Typography is also unprofessional… You can do something more attractive to be accepted on Envato … Good luck to you next time.

can you show me, maybe some references?

hi, no typo is not unprofessional , this is too flat, especially for here, as, in GR, this is the most important focus no matter where people post … i can tell u that many people who post are doing far much worse about typo than what we have here , here there is a lack of originality , at least there are variations, and font combination a bit …

hi here is what i think

1- typo
pls check my answer to Ahmed. i would only add, pls make sure not to compress texts just like what u have done with “melted”

2- logo style
indeed, if for me this is not bad, the thing is that there is not much of a trendy style here … as u may know most of the modern style logo are likely to be about using the pathfinder and subtracting shapes from other shapes, taking trends into account is not a bad idea, this is something compulsory but it helps, in particular, in a very saturated market like nowadays’ one and in a very tough category like the logo one

3- colors
sorry to say just this , but if there is form of a harmony in what u have done, the global logo looks very dark and the combinations that u have chosen are far from being the best possible ones … think about complementary colors, about color shapes or theme colors , this is never a bad idea

4- coherence
sorry to say just this but i do not really manage to figure out what the top circule is supposed to be all about and i think that this is even more a problem that the logo is rather big and taking much space already that the stroke of it is too thin. Here logos are taken into consideration is small size ans having many details is not so much of a good idea and thin lines are a problem, they look not good in small size when they are visible …
this part also bring nothing to the table in anyway: meaning, aesthetic , etc …

thanks, i’ll try again