Strange Soft Reject. Need Feedback

My theme got soft reject the message of reviewer says «Sorry to say but trendy looks too similar to what we already have on our Marketplace. Design doesn’t provide enough of uniqueness. Please improve your theme and feel free to resubmit once ready. Good luck!»

Theme link:

What does is mean? What is the difference from the previous hard reject?

Our theme has a lot of unique elements, layouts, all system pages.

Give me some advices, please.

Thanks in advance.


It means they think it resembles another file by another author (or you). Without knowing which they are comparing it to it is hard to say.

Generally there is not much which jumps out as wrong - this page needs checking as it moves about left to right

Theme has a lot of unique elements - full-width navigation under header, quality template for woocommerce with various views of a product (including full-screen reflection), interesting design for pricing tables, not typical layouts and etc. But it’s hard to notice on different pages and demos. Is it a good idea to resubmit with listing of these elements?

Can’t blame the reviewer, because he is correct that there are lots of items with the similar designs.

Can’t blame you, because they keep accepting them.

What if you took every one of those unique elements and fill your main demo with them? That demo needs to stand out in the pool of similar items.

Hello tvdathemes,

In my opinion, you did really good job. I can provide a few tips. It should help you to pass this soft reject.

  1. You should add something to the standard top bar menu. Now it looks basic. You can try to increase the spacing between the menu items.

  2. You have to be sure that your responsiveness works well on all devices. The example here: and here: - the text on the slider is also difficult to read on mobile.

You should work more on your responsiveness.

I hope this will help.