Soft Reject - Not Unique Design

I just get soft reject, but really confused since the reason is

Soft Rejected
Here at Theme Forest we’re looking for unique designs, sorry to say this is not one of them because it looks too similar to what we already have on marketplace.

Here is the demo link.

Not sure what to do further, looking forward to your suggestions of what I should change.

I think you nailed the typography and there’s really nothing wrong I could say about the design. It’s pretty. But the reviewer is right! It needs something extra. I just wrote a suggestion for this guy on uniqueness - Generic soft reject after making required fixes. Feedback needed.
Maybe you’ll find it useful.

Thanks for the feedback!
I’m just confused, why it’s not a hard reject if it’s not unique.

Because it’s good enough to give you a chance to improve it a bit!

It does look good. I guess you have to look for a way to make it stand apart. Easier said than done!

How about breaking the footer out of the content width and stretching to full screen width? Perhaps the same for the Header / banner.

Good work.