[Soft-Reject] Item looks similar

Hi everyone,

My item got Soft Reject due to similarity issues.
Please help me to add uniqueness to my theme.
any help will truly appreciated.

Demo: http://goo.gl/kd4pXV

Reviewer Message: Here at Theme Forest we’re looking for unique designs, sorry to say this is not one of them because it looks too similar to what we already have on marketplace.

any help…

what are the features you have in your theme?

Is this clear? You need to add more unique detail to make your theme looks different

Thanks for your answer.
Could you suggest any parts of theme for changing or adding unique features such as header , footer , navigation etc.

Up… Any body ?


Look there for some creative ideas and try to come with a new one, and add more headers and layout styles.

Try making something unique, something that does exist at all currently. Be creative.

Thanks for suggestion.