I don't understand a point of the soft reject

Today I received the first soft reject for my new WooCommerce theme (btw, less than 40 days, things are going better).

There is a point that I really don’t udnerstand:

  1. This looks inconsistent with the others: http://envato.d.pr/1cbuu

It’s related to the home page, you can see it here: http://demo.webbaku.com/wp/schon/

Any suggestion it’s really appreciated:)

In the home2 and home3 the banners headings are darker and bold, in the home1 it is not.

The background color of that image doesn’t seem to match the other ones around it, I guess that’s what the reviewer meant.

By inconsistent, meaning not staying the same throughout.

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Thank you so much for the feedback @macrodreams and @alphadesignsau :slight_smile:

The idea was to show that it’s possible have different backgroudn and typography in every banner.

Just an idea, but maybe if you gave it a title like “Featured item” or similar it could tell more about that particular block to the reviewer…

First of all its a very nice and elegant design. And when we hover on something its gets too much dark.

You can compare with original design of PSD you will see different. Some coder don’t see different between design with demo. Typography need like design :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all your feedback guys! They have been very helpful :slight_smile: