Need Feedback [Soft Rejected]

Hi guys we have soft Rejected and theme link is ->.

They said need to add Unique and we have added Fixed sidebar with ‘+’ button on menu. Any idea to adding unique things in this theme?

We have added all our idea and don’t have more idea :stuck_out_tongue:


You should add unique details to your design, I’m not sure one a “+” menu could fix it

soft reject on friday, resubmision takes 3 days,
if you lucky you got monday spotlight, all buyer will see you’re stuff great :smiley:

How about page transition effects, video backgrounds, and some hover effects? Nice theme bro you are almost there!

I think you sidebar empty. You can add some widget into sidebar :smiley:

Nice Work,
1- Your menu item in responsive mood aligned right.
2- After resizing the scale of browser menu doesn’t close and stick in front.
3- There are too many speedy animations. Try some smooth ones.
4- In my opinion try to add demo selector instead of drop down menu, you have a lot of beautiful demos and i know that it takes so time to create them but accept my suggestion it will be better than now.

Good Luck